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  1. 😂I got this from a very famous auction house, do you think there is a way to get a refund?
  2. Thanks tifes, do you mind checking it again? Appreciated
  3. Hello guys I am the newbie here. Just start my ODM collection 3 months ago. After a little research, I would like to focus all my money on the theme of double-headed eagle. Most recently I mannaged to grab this commander star of the order of Franz Joseph. Well to be honest, after a small research on FJO, I was expecting this commander star to be more detailed as those V.M. production. So I am just curious that are all Rothe production like this? How come my main body (the eagle) of the star is much smaller compared to those VM productions? How can I tell whether it is gold or not? And last question is why the outer layer of the eagle seems to be much whiter than the pointed star? Is it a sign of re-mount?
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