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  1. Mess room trophy or presentation piece of the No.1 luftschiffer battalion 1902 . The only one at the time ! And in background ,presentation plaque to the 100 flight of the L30 ,first of the super zeppelins 1917. A little corner to the Baron !
  2. There’s quite a lot of it so look at the pics and give me a heads up on what you’d like to see in more detail ! Ferg More. And more . Some more Let me know when you’ve had enough ! Gunners .
  3. Hi Vince, pretty sure that’s not a Juncker badge on the right . To my knowledge they never struck a pilot badge in iron/ steel. Ferg.
  4. Hi Guys, been a very long time since I posted here and I apologise for not replying to several private messages I have been sent over the years of being absent here . But I am back now ! just wanted to revive this old thread regarding this pin back cross . I am at present looking for such a piece ,namely the 1922 version which I believe is from the same die as the ribbon hung pieces but with pin and catch. Seem to be a lot of these around at present , a casual look around the dealer sites and eBay sites reveals at least seven or eight for sale . Anyone got any wind of these being faked or anyone happen to know how many of these converted pin backs were produced ? I have a 1927 issue piece that is vaulted and has a plain reverse ,also its in lighter non oxidised bronze ,only ever seen one of these so far. thanks Ferg My 1927 example
  5. My friend Luftmensch is kindly posting my Godet for all to see, can't quite get the photo uploading to behave ! Ferg.
  6. Been a while since posted on here , just checking that I can still remember how to load pics ! Ferg
  7. One more , (i don't want to bore people ) Unknown armelzeichen ,might not be strictly WW1 possibly 1920's but certainly unusual. Seems to be copying a marine flieger erinnerungsabzeichen (retired pilot badge) but without crown.Certainly a ratings badge but not sure of its purpose,anyone got any clues ?? I have a period picture of the badge in wear but no clues there. Ferg.
  8. reverse of landflieger abzeichen. Seems to have a Hanson mini screw disc on top followed by a Meybauer 'cross' plate then finally a custom made backplate . Covers most makers !! Ferg
  9. Some more , Hugo Schaper made marine land pilot badge with three piece conversion fitment. Gilded bronze.
  10. Another Naval item. Marine luftschiffer armelzeichen and related jacket 'bling' . Jacket was all but mothed out .I just got the bits after it was stripped ! Ferg
  11. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2013/post-2418-0-95588200-1358004284.jpgHere is a marine aviation related plaque. Silver plaque to commemorate 100th flight of the L30 (LZ62) first of the 'Super Zeppelins' . Given by three members of a flight observer school . Ferg
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