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  1. Join in if interesting! https://www.facebook.com/groups/800197100355741/?ref=bookmarks
  2. All this information was concealed by the Communist Party of Stalin !!! Today it's impossible to hide anything !!!
  3. Ukrainian cockades and badges on a different uniform Others....
  4. https://www.arudichenko.com/ukr-r-1-bazar?fbclid=IwAR1LbBB1f_8M4DTua3hEjuIKUjub9hwGWicYUXgB-8hfFcMEP7vtw6m6-8E
  5. Thank you for your interest! These periods cover the years 1914-1918, 1918-1921, 1921-1939, 1940-1945, 1946-1952 Here are the badges and insignia of the Ukrainian armed forces of the Second World War Emblem of the Ukrainian Ostarbeiter, 1943 The mighty Ukrainian Insurgent Army could resist the forces of well-developed imperialist superpowers for a long time! Resist in difficult conditions without any military equipment or own production of small arms and uniforms, and even did not have its own award system, which was later adopted. Awards and cockades of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
  6. Ukrainian Sich Riflemen awards and badges Ukrainian Galician Army awards and badges Ukrainian People's Republic awards and badges Ukrainian Sich Riflemen awards and badges Ukrainian sports - fire, medical, educational and other societies, beg. Twentieth century
  7. A badge of the Kiev Instructor's School of Officers. Enamel. Silver. Period of Ukrainian state 1918
  8. Hello! I am looking for such school badges of 1917. The period of the Russian Empire. I intend to buy! Offer! Thanks!
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