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  1. Hello Peter My research into Tom WIlkin has now yielded new information for which Pat Bishop must take all the credit. His assassins were not hanged. David Shomron the man who pulled the trigger, was still alive in 2011 and sipped coffee with Pat Bishop as he interviewed him for his book, in Jerusalem. Shomron bragged to Bishop how he and his co-assassin had drawn lots for the 'honour' of shooting the man thought to be present at the shooting of Stern. Tom was walking down a country road to his place of work some 2 miles away. Tom always carried his service revolver to this right and his
  2. Hi Peter can we have a chat about the BPPA and Tom Wilkin?. We are considering having a gala dinner next year to celebrate and mark the centenary of civil police rule in Palestine . We hope to have Patrick Bishop - author of The Reckoning and others who have written on Palestine attend as speakers .The dinner may be held in London with subsidised accommodation available to members. Tom Wilkin is being considered as the featured officer. I have done a lot of research on him since then and Pat Bishops book certainly illustrates him and there is now a best selling novel in Israel
  3. Hi Peter Now you are really intruiging me! Could he have had children?! And in the north too? It’s doubtful though I think because they aren’t mentioned in his headstone - even if he’d been divorced then surely his kids would’ve been mentioned? But not necessarily you know if his parents controlled what was out in the stone. It’s just seems strange I tracked the guy who bought the ticket to Palestine from Liverpool to being an East Lancs postman - when his dad was a postman in Norfolk. Could just be a coincidence but sounds like it might be a fruitful avenue. Is wife and kids in east L
  4. Hi Peter You should come to the BPPA dinner I would love to meet you. I will firstly add what I know about Tom Wilkin. It’s interesting you say he was born down south as he appears to have traveled to Palestine from Liverpool. His ticket and the passenger list can be found on the Internet. It would appear - if my research is right that as an adult he lived in east Lancashire and was a postman before joining the force. I am going to try and check this with his PP records but as you may know DFID are still being coy about these although they have officially been declassified. He had been
  5. Hello Peter i have just joined but know a lot about this man. He was my uncle’s sergeant before my uncle was assassinated by the same group. They worked as a team and were the two most successful investigators of their day. I am very interested to communicate with you regarding this man. I am the deputy treasurer and legal advisor to the British Palestine Police Association - we can be found on Facebook. I am the moderator of the page. I am currently writing a piece for the centenary of the British Mandate in Palestine and Wilkin is one of four men who are to be featured. He was present a
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