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  1. Hello posters, I found this thread and it is fascinating. I discovered the thread while looking for Austro-Hungarian military records about my family. And I believe that Emil Vojnovic is my direct ancestor! I know this isn't a ancestry.com posting board, but since I would think that more information around the posting topic may be of interest I'll share what I know. I can address some of the facts that were discussed in the thread, I'm born and raised American so I will be using American English and some of my spelling may be different than you are used to. I will share what I know of "family history" to help broaden the Emil Vojnovic story. Emil's line of Vojnovic's are Serbs from the Lika region of Croatia and were Serbian Orthodox. His father Johann was a commoner who saved an Austro-Hungarian general's life through some particular act of valor on the battlefield. The general then provided Johann with a battlefield promotion and promised to educate Johann's three sons in the military academy. Emil had two brothers, both in service, one of whom died in service while on the frontier at I believe the rank of Major. The education promised may have been the k.u.k. referenced in one of the posts here. Their sons/cousins continued on in service eventually through the 2nd world war with my father being the last. He was only 16 at the start and was a Yugoslavian Army air cadet when the German's invaded. His Uncle was a Colonel at that time. These are the records I have been searching for/through and working through to begin to gather a more complete history on these years of the family. Of course, being American, records are all in 18th century German handwritten documents. Oh well, I'll figure a solution eventually. The crest that was also shared in this posting is very similar to a crest that I found in my father's papers. I do not believe that this is a noble family crest though, my father felt like either his grandfather or one of his uncles designed it. If I can find the crest in our documents I will scan it and post here. The medals are spectacular and the whole family is thrilled to discover that they have survived. With all the "history" that has occurred through the region in the last 100 years, it is really a miracle. And to think that these medals resulted in one of you here not only researching and finding not just one photo, but two photos of my great-grandfather is really something else! Thank you for your efforts, I know you are collectors but you really are keeping these wonderful memories from being tossed away or just randomly lost or destroyed. I would have never know these photos of my great-grandfather existed! Greg
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