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  1. Bayern, i re looked at the shoulders as well we have two tunic`s, one now i realize correct with the gold shoulder cords and the one here where they have sewn in the standard officers shoulder straps probably to save money!! which would appear incorrect.
  2. Peter, thanks for the reply, i am guessing the the two B/W photos are showing a blue uniform. there is one print i have seen which is a lithograph see below does show the differences in the two jackets red and blue. and the association of blue tunic has always been used by the Artillery, similar to other corps, Army Service Corps. and Medical.
  3. i see some people have looked at this, all i am looking for is confirmation my identification is correct, on the other hand maybe this is quite rare? being blue and not red as for the more common staff officers variant. any comment welcome. Clive
  4. the appointment of BQMS still exists today, the infantry have the same CQMS. the badge shown here is for blue patrols and would include, the crown,gun badge and chevrons, if he didn't have the appointment he would be a Staff Sgt, in the Gds a Colour Sgt. pre 1968. today's Cdn Army the rank of Warrant Officer also in the old days you could also get a QMSgt Assistant Instructor in Gunnery circa 1900 before 1881 worn below the elbow
  5. Hello, i work at RCA museum in Shilo, MB have been for 20 yrs look after the collection and knowledgeable on the the uniforms but this one i cannot find a definite answer my guess is Staff Officer pattern but in blue for the artillery whereas they were usually red, this one did belong to M/Gen D.W.Cotton showing the rank of Colonel, we have another one that belonged to Col D.T.Irwin both these men in their career where "Inspectors of Artillery" there would have been the same term used for the Infantry as well. photos of this uniform tunic where worn by M/Gen French CA/NWMP, M/Gen Strange. a
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