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  1. They were actually intended as cycling capes, and had elastics on the inside to put your hands / handlebars (not advised!) through, to prevent the cape billowing up in the wind. They came in (I seem to remember) 4 Sizes, and were occasionally worn for foot patrols by some officers. I bought one new and unused (from "Lau(w)rence Corner", for our older readers!) when the Met cast them some 40 years ago, with the intention of wearing it as a "Special" on night duty .
  2. I have recently acquired a "Forster" lamp isuued to Kent Constabulary (No 3164). I am assuming that the battery that it took is obsolete, and wondered whether there is any suitable modern replacement? Also, is it possible to tell, from the lamp's number, to which station it was issued? I'd be grateful for any information
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