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  1. Is it possible that these are Bayernwacht members? The reverse has a Nürnberg studio mark.
  2. Could anyone please help identify which unit this is? Or if it is indeed Freikorps at all?
  3. I've recently begun collecting Imperial/WWI/Freikorps photographs, and came across this one in auction. I'm still at the beginning of the rather steep learning curve of uniforms and insignia of the era, and don't quite understand what I'm seeing here. Is this soldier part of the Deutsches Alpenkorps? And what is that badge behind the edelweiss? Thank you for any assistance.
  4. I don't have more photos of the cap unfortunately; it's available for €260 from a seller in Ireland. As it seems there are red flags I'll pass on it. I collect on a very limited budget and literally can't afford to be burned.
  5. Picked up at a used book store today. The sign has tape on the reverse where the bark has split, but otherwise perfect.
  6. This cap is available and I"m considering purchasing it. My concern is that these were produced and worn well into Weimar Republic and early TR days, and this one lacks marks and the visor material looks a bit late for me. At €270 it's on the high end if it is real. Will try to negotiate but want to make sure it's actually Imperial first.
  7. Hi all, I found an Imperial-era reserve stein in a local antique store today for $125. Unfortunately I was being rushed and the stuff weren't particularly friendly, so I wasn't able to grab any photos or recall any details, save for a painting of soldiers at leisure, inscriptions of "Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit", "Reserve hat Ruh", and a regimental name list on the side. Its pewter topper is an eagle. I was surprised at how light it is. I'm going to go back tomorrow to take a look at it. Now, I know absolutely nothing about Imperial steins. In fact, one of the stores down the street from this one has a stein that would have fooled me had it not been for the "Made in West Germany" sticker on the bottom. Could anyone help me out with what to look for to better gauge authenticity? Cheers
  8. Indeed, the reverse of the card says that it was issued in March 1922. I picked up a replacement medal from eMedals with the original recipient's name ground out.

    • WANTED

    Looking for a British War Medal 1914/1918, UNNAMED (unissued or ground out), with an original ribbon.


  10. Well that clears that up. Thank you for your help! Now to find a replacement medal...
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