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  1. Hi Peter, Thank you for your message, I certainly hope someone the forum will be able to assist me. I have made some progress since my post and I am waiting for some information from the Central Naval Museum in St Petersburg, so I am moving slowly in the right direction. I've just purchased an original part of the officers belt, one of the hanger sections for the dirk which I am over the moon with. Kind regards Michael.
  2. Good evening to all, This is my first ever post on a forum so please be kind! I am looking for help in obtaining any and all pictures of Imperial Russian Naval officers up to 1914 focusing on those wearing the long frock coat. I am in the process of trying to find out all information I can as I am planning on recreating the uniform of a Naval Attaché/adjutant (Kapitan 1st rank). I have brought a few books on the subject all in Russian naturally but I am struggling to find information on type of buttons, cut of trousers etc. Ideally I would like full length photos or anything showing the uniform in detail, I know I'm most likely asking a lot. I have attached a photo I have already taken from one of my books showing the exact style as a guide for people. I have a well respected seamstress in France with years of uniform making experience waiting in the wings and itching to get started on this commission. But I have hit a brick wall and I am not prepared to get anything made without the accurate detail. I was hoping someone on the forum maybe able to help me. Regards Michael.
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