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  1. Yes I wondered if they would manage to get the HAC ribbon passed for the SC LSGC which would be very natty but I personally feel a little devisive. I think the Police as a service would put its foot down ( imho rightly so) , the HAC officers are City of London Police first and foremost with other duties arising from their HAC status ( captain generals inspection , various HAC ceremonial events etc) They remain as divisional officers based out of Bishopsgate etc and carry out normal policing duties as their bread and butter including some being Public order trained , some as specif
  2. Bishopsgate orginally 1861 - levelled rebuilt in current form in 1930’s Tring Police Station 1910
  3. What he said , our HAC specials are special constables first and foremost , they are unique in they are also members of the HAC . The HAC as an organisation has a number of facets and is an institution in its own right sworn to defend the crown , it’s operational element consists of 2 parts The HAC Rregiment (part of the Army reserve ) The HAC Special Constabulary detachment .( who are part of CoLP)
  4. Holy thread resurrection bat man ! Police mess dress in theory can be worn by all ranks but generally inspector and above . see picture , only change force to force is the collar dogs on lapels The only variation to this is the HAC Police det of the City of London Police Special Constabulary . They wear a variation of the HAC cavalry cut mess kit but with Royal Blue instead of red facings and HAC SC collar dogs They are the only ones who wear it with remainder of the force in the kit attached .
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