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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for the welcome and reply.


    I'm from South Africa so if I happened to be a veteran I would adhere to South African dress regulations. At the moment I am leaning towards the order of first South African order of wear, then British, then American followed by whatever nation's medals I accrue in future. 

    Due to a birth defect I never served in a military capacity but browsing medal and military sites is at the moment an all-consuming hobby.



  2. Hi everyone

    I recently started collecting military medals and intend to put them on display in the correct order of wear. The problem is that the medals originate from three different countries so I'm listing those I have and those i'm busy buying.

    1. Victoria Cross (UK)

    2. George Cross (UK)

    3. Honoris Crux (S.A.)

    4. Pro Partia Medal (S.A.)

    5. Military Cross (UK)

    6. Legion of Merit (US)

    7. Purple Heart (US)

    8. Distinguished Service Cross (US)

    According to my research in the South African Order of Wear the Victoria Cross outranks the Honoris Crux but in which order do I place the other medals?


    Kind regards,

    Wessel Gordon


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