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  1. Yes. He received the Grosskreuz des Leopold-Ordens mit der kreisgsdekoration in 1916 and then added the jeweils in 1917 (post Mort).
  2. He was awarded: 21.08.1913 Orden der Eisernen Krone 1. klasse 25.11.1916 Grosskreuz des Leopold-Ordens mit der kreisgsdekoration 25.05.1917 Schwerter zum Militarverdienstkreuz 1. klasse 27.10.1917 Kommandeurkreuz des Militar-Maria-Theresien-Ordens (posthum) 27.10.1917 Grosskreuz des Leopold-Ordens, jeweils mit der kreisgsdekoration (posthum)
  3. If you ever need award history for other Austro-Hungarian Admirals just drop me a line I will be more than happy to respond.
  4. Hi, I am a bit late in responding, but according to Balla Tibor's book Feldmarschalleutnants FML Marzell Lawrowski von Plöcken did not receive any foreign orders or decorations.
  5. Großadmiral Anton Haus received the following German awards. 20.04.1910 preussischer Kronen-Orden 1. klasse 01.05.1914 Grosskreuz des prussischen Roten-Adler-Ordens 20.07.1915 Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 15.11.1915 Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse Source: Die Osterreichischen Admirale Band II 1896 -1914 (Pages 201-212) Antionio Schmidt-Brentano, Biblio Vrelag. Osnabruck 2000.
  6. Thank you for posting the pictures of the Statue for the MVK, very useful for future reference.
  7. Most definitely...question asked asked. questioned answered. Thank you all.
  8. Graf, Spot on and that is what confused me as I had never seen photos anyone for the A-H army wearing the MVK 3. on the red ribbon. IndEed you are correct regarding this and other forums.
  9. Thanks. I had seen an MVK.3 on a red ribbon (eBay I think?), obviously wrong as I now understand.
  10. Graham, Many thanks for the very useful links.
  11. Hi Christian, Just so I am 100% certain...the MVK was never issued on the plain red ribbon, but always on the 'war' ribbon. Regards, Ian
  12. Gentlemen, This has confused me for some time and a search on the internet and in this forum has, so far, failed to provide me with a satisfactory answer. For what reason(s) would a peace time MVK 3. be issued on the war ribbon?
  13. Not a very accurate source I know, but I thought they might have gotten some information correct. Sorry.
  14. This may be of use. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_von_Randow
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