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  1. Hi Glenn, All good 'down under' as I hope it is with you. Many thanks for identifying my Oberst. Regards, Ian
  2. Hi, I have been collecting photos of Johanniterorden for a short while and recently secured the attached photo. I thought I new who it might be, but I was wrong. Can someone put a name to my Johanniterorden Rechtsritter please.
  3. Ian

    I read your very interesting post on the k.u.k. Seefliegertruppe and was wondering if you have any information on the career of Reinhold Haschke?

    Greeting from Australia


  4. Good question! No idea really, but I am pretty certain that the numbers of awarded to Germans was annotated anywhere in the Austro-Hungarian records (happy to be corrected). Regards, Ian
  5. The rank looks more like rosettes than stars to m. I suspect he is some sort of Hungarian Beamte - Oberleutnant/Fohadnagyok equivalent. Theses rosettes were progressively introduced from approx. Dec 1909.
  6. Gentlemen, I had to search again for the photo of Bauer von Bauerntal as I had not 'saved' it. Picture is on the Austrian State Archives site. As you can see the signature doesn't match. I have also added a photo of FML Rudolf Obauer von Bannerfeld , but once again I don't think so. A search on-line has provided little information on Tit. GM Anton Bauer and it appears he was not recalled during the war. That leaves GM Ludwig Bauer von Markaszeg (no picture). But why would a Hungarian speaking Officer leave a dedication in German? There was also an Oberst Alois v. Bauer (no photo) who was pensioned in 1915, and is not listed in Antonio Schmidt- Brentano's work on Austro-Hungarian Generals. So I think he can be ruled out. Your assistance to date is very much appreciated. Regards, Ian.
  7. Thankyou for the information. I can add the following: I have located a photo of Leopold Bauer von Bauernthal and feel 99.9% confident that I can rule him out. In the photo I have seen Leopold is younger looking and is wearing glasses. There is a Tit. GM Anton Bauer who was pensioned in Feb 1913 and I am wondering if he was recalled and this could be the mystery GM. Also a Ludwig Bauer von Markaszeg pensioned in 1910, and recalled in 1914. He was Hungarian. After recall he was the Stationkmdt. in Miskolcz and it doesn't seem likely that he would be my man Regards, Ian
  8. I will keep my fingers crossed that you can help with the ID of this Generalmajor. Regards, Ian
  9. A valid point and I am remiss not to have thought of that. Modified picture attached.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. My first instinct was 'Rauch", but as previously written there was no 'Rauch' in the list of Generals. As for the Bauer's I have all but eliminated them via crude facial recognition. Not Leopold v. Hauer as you correctly state he was a Gen der Kav by that stage. Could he be a Hungarian? I very much doubt it, but one never knows. Regards, Ian
  11. After a search of Austro-Hungarian Generals there is no listing for a Rauch, nor can I match the other possible suggestions you put forward. The search continues. Ian
  12. Thankyou for the response, it is very much appreciated . I will chase down those leads and let you know. Ian
  13. Signature is for an Austro-Hungarian Generalmajor, but no one over at the Austro-Hungarian Empire topic has been able to assist. So in desperation I have come here hoping that some one maybe able to decipher the name. Mein Bosniak "Flock" Juli 1916 Thanks in advance, Ian
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