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  1. Graham, I am 99% certain it is the Austrian Merit Cross with crown, but I would venture that the ribbon is correct. The anomaly you allude to is just the way the camera has picked up the weave on the ribbon. A mid level diplomat/Public official I suspect. Hopefully some one can decipher the French inscription. Regards, Ian
  2. The cockade doesn't look right for a Austrian 1st republic one. They tended to be quite distinctive in the red/white/red and this one appears to be a roundel typical of Germany. The leather legging are not what I associate with Austria, although they are probably 'private' purchase and of course they would vary. So the jury is out on that item. My money (if I had any) would be on Wiemar period. I have seen the armband or something very similar on another forum a looong time ago, but I can't remember where.
  3. I have looked, but I can't see a double headed eagle. That doesn't mean that it isn't, just that I can't see it. The shield on the eagles chest is more indicative of a German badge than an Austrian one. This is an interesting post and I hope we crack the mystery.
  4. Yes the cockade does seem to be on the large side, but I still think German. Perhaps a private chauffeur 'enlistef' for the duration and out fitted by his boss? Pure speculation of course.
  5. I think he is a chauffeur for a State Minister or some other state function. To me it is a German Chauffeurs uniform, not Austro-Hungarian. Also note the cockade on the cap, saying Prussian/German.
  6. Tony, A very nice collection indeed.
  7. I am wondering if some one can have a go at translating what is written on this card please? I suspect it will not tell us much, but you never know. Thanks, Ian
  8. Thank you one and all for your invaluable input to the issue. Whilst the jury is divided I am reasonably comfortable with Großpapa. Regards, Ian
  9. Unfortunately, other than the greeting there is nothing else written on the reverse. Now that I know that the first part is Gruss,,,, I can see it, but the remainder is a blur. Originally when I first looked at it I thought it was Graf......
  10. My initial thought was he was an Artillery officer, but cavalry is just as probable. I could not get a clear enough enlargement to be certain. This one is definitely a signature and it belongs to a Generalmajor...any idea?
  11. Many thanks for your response. No wonder I could not find him😃
  12. Bayern, Thanks for the response. I can not find a Grunberger in Schmidt-Brentano's list of Generals. I am 99% certain that who ever he is he is a Feldmarschalleutnant.
  13. Hi, Can some one have a go at deciphering this signature for me please? Regards, Ian
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