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  1. My copy arrived 'down under' about the time I thought it would, but having said that eBay items do seem to take a lot longer.
  2. G'day Chris, Issue 8 arrived (Australia) with me today. Can I help you with anything? Regards, Ian
  3. Fantastic and I think you are spot on....Württemberg Cross with swords. Regards, Ian
  4. I am hoping some one may be able to assist me with the 'kreuz' that Major I.V.d.E. Rudolf Eichelter is wearing from his jacket button hole. I suspect it is a non Austro-Hungarian award. I apologise for the poor quality, but I can't make the picture any clearer.
  5. Christian, A little of topic but I am wondering if you have any information on the individual awards to either ÖBH Generalstabsärzte Johann Richter (21.10.1865 - 06. 1961) or ÖBH Generalstabsärzte Maximilian Haager ( 04.01.1871 – 24.03.1934) in particular post was Heller Commission awards please? Regards, Ian
  6. It is an Austro-Hungarian (Austrian) patriotic badge.
  7. Christian, Excellent and thank you. Ian
  8. I couldn't locate any 'war time' awards in my photo data base to amplify the point. I am reasonably certain that it would make little if any difference, but others, more knowledgeably, may be able to clarify the issue.
  9. Yes, the EKO-R3 proceeded the FJO-R. FML Julius Carossa - Austrian National Archives
  10. A small sample those awarded the EKO-R3 and an FJO-R that I was able to locate. FML Gustav Szekely de Doba FML Franz Ritter Weiss-Tihanyi von Mainprugg FML Viktor Serverus Edler von Laubenfeld und Ciminago FML Karl Wondre Edler von Carynskie GM Nikloaus Karapancsa Edler von Kraina GM Gustav Fisher Edler von POturzyn GM Karl Petersilka Edler von Hocbergen PS: There are others who received the EKO-R2 and an FJO-R. For example, FML Georg Komma, FML Franz Szends von Fulekkelecseny and GM Adam Nowotny.
  11. I assume you are talking about the EKO-R3 and the FJO-R? I can provide two names of those whom were awarded an EKO-R3 and an FJO-R. Feldmarschalleutnant Theodor Ritter von Soretic and Feldmarschalleutnant Alfred Groschl. There are others and I will look through my references today. Cheers, Ian
  12. Just a thought, but perhaps the Nazarenes refused to carry/use arms (conscientious objectors) and only served (under protest) as non combatants and therefore the various authorities deemed them to be unworthy of a 'Front Line' service award such as the Karl Truppen Kreuz. As I said just a thought.
  13. Graham, I second your comment regarding the well done to Utgardloki.
  14. tifes, I think we are on the same page, but just reached via different paths. For the time being I will put Theodor Soretic in the maybe/maybe not column. Ian
  15. Christian, Thank you for your input and I apologise for mentioning you without providing a 'heads up'. You have provided some very interesting talking points, and I admit that whilst 400 FMLs is a huge number, Tibor Balla does go on to list them all. Some had no impact, involvement nor participation in WW I, my point was, although poorly explained, was to highlight that not all (possibly over 65%) of Austro Hungarian FMLs received and EK II during the 1914 - 1918 period. I also hope Glenn can chime in with even more salient points. As always I am more than happy tom be cor
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