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  1. Hi, From what I have been able to see Begić had the foillowing Austro-Hungarian awards. Order of Franz Josef Ritter with swords and kriegs decoration Silver Signum Laudis Bronze Signum Laudis 1898 Jubille Medal 1908 Jubilee Cross 1912/1913 Mobilisation Cross
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you for the information. I am 99.9% certain that it is him. Ian
  3. Good evening all, I wasn't sure where to post this request, but here goes. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me locate some biographical information on Offiziersstellvertreter Hermann Reinhardt. Offiziersstellvertreter Hermann Reinhardt from the Marinekorps (Sturmabteilung) received his Preußische Goldene Militär-Verdienst-Kreuz decoration in April 1918 together with the future German General Bernhard Ramcke. I'm hoping to find his place and date of birth. I believe he was born on 22 September 1887, but I can't find/confirm this information anywhere. While searching the other night through the German Marine Verlustlisten 1914-1918 I found one Offiziersstellverteter Hugo Hermann Reinhard (sic! **) from the Marinekorps, but I'm not sure if this is "my man". Confirmation on this would also be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ian
  4. After reviewing the documents again I think your response is spot on.
  5. I think you will find that 'alezredes' is actually Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel). ezredes is Oberst/Colonel. Her last served in the 23 Honvéd Infantry Regiment. Medal No1. Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class with 'kreigs' decoration and swords Medal No 2. Bronze Signum Laudis Medal No. 3 Large Silver Bravery Medal No. 4 Small silver Bravery Medals No 5 through 10 are post 1918 medals.
  6. I have an Ignácz Stancer promoted to Oberst (in the k.u. Honvéd) on 1 Nov 1917. If this is your Stancer then he was awarded the following: FJO-OK(KDS), EKO-R3(KDS), MVK3 (KDS), BMVM, KTK, MJM98, MJK08, MK13.
  7. I have no idea, but your suggestion has very real merit.
  8. Hi Tony, Similar, but different. The regular Heer/Landwehr/Honvéd qualification badges were about 3.4 to 3.5 cm in size, and bronze in colour. That makes then about 1-5cm smaller than the two I posted earlier. Regards, Ian
  9. Tony, The regular Heer/Landwehr/Honvéd qualification badges were about 3.4 to 3.5 cm in size. The photo of the Bosnian musicians is pretty cool.
  10. Hi Tony, I have no idea where they were worn, but I suspect maybe on a breast pocket. They are of a large size so I guess that would rule out either on a cross strap or a hat . Regards, Ian
  11. Post No. 13. I don't see any thing wrong with. Honest piece (rusty and in need of some TLC).
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