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  1. I hope someone will be able to decipher the this signature for me please? I understand the salutation is as follows: Mein Bosniak "Flock" Juli 1916 , GM
  2. A slightly different view of the K.u.k. Flussminenabteilung ribbon.
  3. The two sailors in the back row wearing the white jackets are Austro-Hungarian, but the other sailors are German. From what I can make out the Austro-Hungarians are from the support vessel SMS GÄA, so Cattaro Bay as a location for the photo is a very real possibility.
  4. I would be amazed if it fooled any one..
  5. I am not sure that the box and the medal go together. The medal doesn't fit as snuggly as I would expect it to, especially were the medal suspension loop and the ribbon loop join. I would hazard a guess and say the box belongs to a different medal. Whilst there as a slight difference between each of the medals your presented I would say that there is nothing wrong with yours and it is in better condition than the other. Over all a good medal. I would be very interested in finding out more about this medal as I have a photo of an Austro-Hungarian Oberst wearing this medal and I am wondering why and how. Regards, Ian
  6. As for the number manufactured by G.A. Scheid I would hazard a guess and say in the hundreds, but I have no real idea sorry. Others who are more knowledgeable than me may have a better 'ball park' figure. Regards, Ian
  7. Alex, I am a bit late to the question, but I agree that there is nothing wrong - medal and ribbon are a nice snug fit. Indeed I have a similar medal in a very similar condition together with its case and I have never doubted mine. Regards, Ian
  8. Nick, Not Finnish, but Polish. The badge is for the 2nd Rakitanianski Light Horse Regiment. There is another very similar badge with the years 1915 (top arm) 1914 (left arm) and 1918 (right arm). Source: Polish Orders, Medals, Decorations and Insignia Military and Civilian Decorations 1705 – 1985 by Zdzislaw P Wessolowski 1986 Cheers, Ian
  9. He must have been 'promoted'/gazetted to Fähnrich in mid/late 1918.
  10. A little bit more information on Peter Coreth Frei-und Pannierherr zu Coredo. In the photo he is wearing the uniform of a Fähnrich, and he also has the embroided collar badge of a machine gunner.
  11. Hi, From what I have been able to see Begić had the foillowing Austro-Hungarian awards. Order of Franz Josef Ritter with swords and kriegs decoration Silver Signum Laudis Bronze Signum Laudis 1898 Jubille Medal 1908 Jubilee Cross 1912/1913 Mobilisation Cross
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