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  1. I have tried enlarging the photos to see if I can obtain a clearer view, but unfortunately not clear enough to make a positive finding. However, I am starting to believe that tifes may be correct and my mystery FML is Theodor Ritter von Soretic, although I can not find any evidence that FML Soretic received a Prussian Iron Cross 2nd class.
  2. Tifes, Wow! and thanks, these are the first photos I have seen of FML Theodor Soretic. It is very hard to tell if the photos match, but what you have provided is an excellent starting point. Cheers, ian
  3. Tifes, I also think Theodor Soretic could be the man I am searching for, but alas I have not been able to locate a photo of him for comparison purposes. Ian
  4. Hi Tifes, Eduard Ritter Jemrich bears a passing resemblance, but notice the ears..they don't match. Additionally his awards don't match my mystery man. I would hazard a guess and say the search continues, but thank you for your comment. Regards, Ian
  5. Yep, those ears are unique and that is why I thought he would be easily identifiable.....obviously a wrong thought on my part 🙂
  6. Hi Graham, I appreciate the response and yes, he does bear a resemblance to Johann Salis-Seewis, but unfortunately the orders and decorations of my FML do not match those of Feldzeugmeister Salis-Seewis. Also, note the ears on my guy, which are very unusual and they don't match Salis-Seewis's ears. Regards, Ian
  7. Dear members, I have had the attached photo for a number of years and thought (wrongly as it turns out) that I had posted it on the GMIC forum previously. I had not. My FML has what I feel are a unique set of Orders ans decorations for identification purposes. I and a couple of other people I have showed it to thought it was FML Georg Komma, but after I received a copy of Balla Tibor's great book on Austro-Hungarian Feldmarschalleutnants it turns out that my photo and the photo Tibor has produced in his book are nothing alike. Hmm! back to the drawing board. I have trawled thro
  8. Graham, I am 99% certain it is the Austrian Merit Cross with crown, but I would venture that the ribbon is correct. The anomaly you allude to is just the way the camera has picked up the weave on the ribbon. A mid level diplomat/Public official I suspect. Hopefully some one can decipher the French inscription. Regards, Ian
  9. The cockade doesn't look right for a Austrian 1st republic one. They tended to be quite distinctive in the red/white/red and this one appears to be a roundel typical of Germany. The leather legging are not what I associate with Austria, although they are probably 'private' purchase and of course they would vary. So the jury is out on that item. My money (if I had any) would be on Wiemar period. I have seen the armband or something very similar on another forum a looong time ago, but I can't remember where.
  10. I have looked, but I can't see a double headed eagle. That doesn't mean that it isn't, just that I can't see it. The shield on the eagles chest is more indicative of a German badge than an Austrian one. This is an interesting post and I hope we crack the mystery.
  11. Yes the cockade does seem to be on the large side, but I still think German. Perhaps a private chauffeur 'enlistef' for the duration and out fitted by his boss? Pure speculation of course.
  12. I think he is a chauffeur for a State Minister or some other state function. To me it is a German Chauffeurs uniform, not Austro-Hungarian. Also note the cockade on the cap, saying Prussian/German.
  13. I am wondering if some one can have a go at translating what is written on this card please? I suspect it will not tell us much, but you never know. Thanks, Ian
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