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  1. thanks for the reply. Most of their records were destroyer during WWII. I have narrowed it down to 1918-1935 or so. Brit stuff is very hard to date.
  2. This was a strange pickup at a local Texas flea market last weekend. Nothing else military and the seller had no history of it. Unfortunately it is not named. Is there a specific pattern date to this style hat? To me it seems Pre-WWII. -Rob
  3. How is the best way to research a recipient of the South Atlantic campaign medal? To 24385667, CPL MT Harriden R Signals? Most modern records are only available to family members or next of kin. Thanks, -Rob
  4. I did not, I figured it was not that big of a deal for the next person to be able to find. Thanks, -Rob
  5. I will have this medal for sale at the Show Of Shows in Louisville KY next month. Tables S49-S50. Have not yet determined a price.
  6. I received the medal yesterday, it is a much better quality piece then I expected from going off of the original photos I posted. It does measure 58mm across. No maker markings on the back. I am guessing the added disk in the back is just for weight.
  7. Thanks. I wonder if this is a sash badge as it is only about 55mm wide? It does not seam large enough for a neck order. Any idea of the value? These orders are all over the place in pricing.
  8. This is an odd example. To me it is a little crude on the manufacturing. The large disk on the back is a bit odd. Opinions?
  9. Thank you for the help. Here are some closer pics.
  10. Thanks, but I went through that list and could not ID any of them.
  11. These are pretty modern Chinese/Taiwan medals. Can anyone ID them? I have only been able to find one and it was referred to as a Marshall Medal. Thanks,
  12. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement ribbon? Would it be the Red/White striped one or Yellow? Thanks.
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