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  1. Bayern, curiosity, that is all. I have liked WW 1 movies and as such an a early date would prop houses have had to make up the thousands of costumes to have in the movie? thinking that the war was only over 12 years be-4 it was made.every thing was spot on!! just that every thing looked so authentic. and it was.also I collect GERMAN items from the first world war.common soldiers gear. hope this answers your question? peter monahan, thanks for the come back to my query.
  2. is the KNIGHTS CROSS hanging from his neck an IC-2SD CLASS? they were used in the field until a replacement was available. ribbon looks to be hanging wrong.
  3. these are rely beautiful pieces! thanks for sharing them with us.
  4. any body read my post?
  5. it is great to have you on board. WILLKOMMEN.
  6. they were great civil service jobs and they stayed st them until retirement.
  7. maybe, just maybe he was going to make a -HATE-DEATH BELT, when he had time?
  8. the rifle the guy on the left is holding looks like a mod.91 MOISNE NAGANT. with a socket bayonet?.
  9. FILM, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT- the first one with LEW AIRES ,I be leave. was original equipment used in the film. ?
  10. the picture of the rickety boat, it sure beats swimming!
  11. PC'S are great. keep em coming. this 2018 is the 100th. anniversary. none of us will see the 200th!! lest we forget?
  12. WOW! killer, great score!! and in a book store of all places?? one never knows, does one??
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