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  1. Byern, thanks good to be back. good to hear from you also.
  2. I have seen that the RUSSIAN WW2 movies that are out, that the GERMAN tanks were real and destroyed in the making of the films instead of CGI, to add realism. is that known to be true? the films rely set you on the edge or your chair! the tanks were taken out of storage and fired up! PUN INTENDED!
  3. WOW!! now that is killer!! thanks for sharing with us!
  4. now that sailor is a very decorated hero!! now that sailor is a very decorated hero!! now that sailor is a very decorated hero!!
  5. Duncan, yes it is very pricey to ship it. it costs more to ship it than to buy it.
  6. how much for shipping in U.S D? the ENGLISH use of courancy? I don't under the rate of exchange, thank you.
  7. Peter, thank you for the reply to my query. it is a great help. toot.
  8. no one has any information in regards to my query?
  9. please deleat this post. I have found one.
  10. I want to buy a reproduction belt hook for my MOD. 1777 CHARLEVILLE FLINT LOCK PISTOL. any on have one? rely need one. thank's, toot.
  11. who makes and sells them? are they any good, and what is the load for them, ball size and patch if one is used, and what size powder, 3FG OR 2FG?
  12. guys thank you for taking the time to explain the questions that I asked help with.RAPTOR & GONZO.
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