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  1. In the book "Schlachtflieger!" There is mention that an Unteroffizier Otto Diederichs, a pilot of Schusta 37 was awarded the Bremen Hanseatic Cross on 30. July 1918 (probably in connection with the victory of 24.07.1918?) This is the bracelet his wife wore, and later Daughter in Law, House of Hohenzollern Member's Eagle, I would Love to know the connection... IMG_1362.zip
  2. Seeking information on Max Erlhoff of Duisburg born 30AUG96 married Margarethe Kuehnen born Duisburg 8NoV97 Awarded : Verleihungs-Urkunde 29May18 EK-1 3Sep18 Ehrenbecher Probably 29Jul18 for below Air Victory in the book "Schlachtflieger!" in connection with Mr. Erlhoff and Schusta 37: Vizefeldwebel Erlhoff joined the unit in July 1918 and he was credited with a victory (a "French Breguet" together with his pilot Unteroffizier Diederichs) on 24. July 1918. Was awarded with a Ehrenbecher Probably 29Jul18 when Diederichs was awarded another medal. Looks to me Erlhoff was a Sergeant 1st class Piloting with S/S 37 as Diederichs was just a Corporal! Erlhoff probably had been taught to fly earlier in his career and this late in the war with pilots in short hand was tasked to do so! July 1918 NB 23/24 bomb ops Calais and Amiens claim 14 aircraft air combat 1 by flak 1(?) 1 balloon losses 2 aircraft MIA 2 crash(?) 1 aircraft crash 1 officer WIC WITA 24/25 Etapies rail road damaged 39 KIA 91 WIA military No 3 Medical board Depot camp 12 Civilians KIA and 1 WIA SF! SS 17 Uffz Diederichs & Vfw Erlhoff German 7 Armee Bregeut claim His WW2 Service is as follows: ERLHOFF, Max. (W.B.K. Duisburg). 01.12.39 Oblt.(d.R.), promo to Hptm.(Erg.O.)(RDA withheld), in Stab/Lg.Kdo. XII. (n.d.) Hptm., RLM (Chef A.W.) (ERDA now 01.12.35). 01.02.41 promo to Maj. 04.06.42 Maj., trf from Flieger-Ers.Btl. III (previously in RLM (Chef AW/Vorschriftenu.Lehrmittelabt.) to Stab/Luftzeuggruppe 1. 13.07.42 trf from Stab/Luftzeuggruppe 1 to FliegerErs.Btl. I. 05.01.43 Maj., trf from Flieger-Ers.Btl. I to RLM pool with temporary duty to RLM (Chef A.W./Vorschriften-u.Lehrmittelabt.). 01.03.43 permanently assigned to RLM (Chef A.W./Vorschriften-u.Lehrmittelabt
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