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    British, French and other NATO badges - cloth & cap/pocket badges. Also selected Police cloth badges. Recently got into Swiss badges - cap badges and trade/qualification badges.
  1. Good afternoon to all! I have collected British, Commonwealth and NATO badges since the age of 12! After 36 years in the British Army and following retirement it is only within the last 2 years that I have started collecting (seriously) French 'pocket fob' badges. French Army personnel (incl. FFL) wear generic 'cap badges' in their berets and it is the pocket badges which individually identify the unit, and 'brevets' identify that soldiers specialism - para, diver, mountain specialist, etc. A similar system to DUI's in the US Army. At present I have over 1000 and quite a number of b
  2. As far as I know, still worn to this date by Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) Ammunition Technical Officers on FAD, the modern version of No2 Dress uniform. There is a No1 dress version which has a black background with gold wire.
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