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  1. Wow, thanks, that is great research, I will keep that with the medals
  2. Here are the 39-45 War and Defence medals awarded to my mother who serverd in the WAAF and a GSM Kings Crown with Malaya clasp awarded to my father who served in the RAF
  3. Here is a WW1 trio I picked up to the Manchester Regiment. He was wounded possibly at Gallipoli and also received the Silver Wound Badge, unfortunately this was not included and so the SWB is not the correct one but a replacement I picked up
  4. Hi, I am looking to add a couple of medals to my small collection of German WW! medals, specifically an Anhalt Friedrich Cross 2nd Class and a Mecklenburg cross 2nd class if anyone has one to sell or knows of any going at a reasonable price. I have obviously looked on eBay, but not being an expert I am always a bit dubious of getting a copy rather than an original medal, also they appear to be going for quite a bit more than I think is reasonable
  5. Thanks Brian, seems like a great forum for sharing collections and getting advice/information
  6. As I have just joined the site I thought I would share my small collection of Belgian medals
  7. Having just joined the site I thought I would share my WW1 French medal collection
  8. Having recently joined the site I thought I would share my small collection of German medals.
  9. Hi Gordon, it's just my poor photographic skills. I have measured them with a digital vernier gauge and the arms are all the same size Thanks, if the one on the left is a later piece that might explain the differences. The one on the right does appear to be a finer quality casting. Thanks everyone for the replies, I did think they were both OK, but not being too clued up on German medals I wanted to check. I do have other medals all WW1, so will post up some photos of them
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum and I am looking for some advice. I acquired two 1914 Iron Crosses some time ago. Although they are both 3 piece with magnetic core, one appears better quality than the other so I am not sure they are both genuine. The one on the right has a much finer casting of the iron core, it also has a makers stamp of the suspension ring. The one on the left has no makers mark and the iron cores casting appears crude compared to the other. Can anyone offer any advice? https://photos.app.goo.gl/BM5BCntNnVYBx82c8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/u4ZG9f2V77UYGW8S9 https://ph
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