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  1. Dear Sorin That is a very kind offer, Thank you but I am okay. You have not upset anyone, it is a sense of humour that got lost in translation, I am more than guilty of that, it would have been a comment I would have made too. To be fair, your English is far better than my Romanian (which is non existent). Andy.
  2. Did Kgard ever come back to the fold?, what happened?
  3. I think WM5806, whom I'm guessing is a Worshipful Master may be able to assist with the enquiry.
  4. Some were for being a Prefect, a Steward or for charitable donations to the school for example. I think the girls from 1927 would be well over a hundred today (2019).
  5. I know it's not, but could it be Hitler's missing testicle?
  6. That's a really nice thought, though I was 12 years too late to see it.
  7. This is one of the things I like about the Masons.
  8. I can only surmise you are a Worshipful Master of Lodge of Saint Peter in Exeter?
  9. Dear Sorin, I don't think any harm was meant by the reply, I'm guessing it was suggesting you may have wanted it translated so that you could list it on eBay for sale. Humour from different Countries can be misinterpreted especially when you're not talking to each other face to face where you could quickly explain what was meant. Yours sincerely Andy.
  10. Good Evening Gentlemen, I couldn't find a place to say Hi and to introduce myself to you all. With regard to the Masonic Zetland Lodge 1005, the meetings are held at the Gloucester Masonic Hall, Cross Keys Lane, Gloucester GL1 2HQ. I have copied / pasted a bit of their history below: The Zetland Lodge was consecrated on 11th May 1864. Although 7 of our 8 Founders came from Royal Lebanon Lodge, No 439, the petition was actually signed by the Master and Wardens of Cotteswold Lodge, No 592, who are thus our parent lodge. We first met in The King’s Arms, Newent, later The Bull, Newent, and The Nelson, Rudford. By 1878 more members lived in Gloucester than west of it, so we moved to various venues in the city, settling at the Bell Hotel from 1884-1955, apart from the war years. Finally, we moved to our present home in 1956. In our 154-year history we have initiated 514 gentlemen into Freemasonry, and we have sponsored two other Gloucestershire Lodges, Civitas, No 5457, in 1934, and Vigilantia, No 8021, in 1965. We are an Emulation Lodge, and since 1892 have sponsored a very successful Lodge of Instruction, and open to Master Masons of all local lodges. Following the general post-war surge, we reached a maximum of just over 100 members from 1966-75. Since then, in parallel with the national trend, numbers have slowly declined, but with around 70 members we are the 7th largest in the Province. I happened to find your question relating to the medal whilst Googling Zetland Lodge 1005, since I will be initiated into the Zetland Lodge 1005 11th September 2019. I would also like to include a bit of history relating to my Great Uncle Ernest Walter Ormerod who served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces 14th August 1915 until 27th March 1919. He was serving in the Merchant Navy and working in New Zealand when he enlisted. I have his 1914 - 1918 Campaign Medal and Victory Medal, a copy of his Certificate of the services, leather dog? tag all in one frame. He then served aboard the SS Stanpark during the Second World War and in 1941 it was attacked and sunk by the Admiral Scheer, a German heavy cruiser (aka Pocket Battleship) where all the crew were taken as prisoners of war and transferred to Germany. He was kept as a P.o.W. at Milag Nord, Stalag XB Sandbostal until liberated in 1945.
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