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  1. Capricorn ¡Enviar abogados, armas y dinero! ¡La mierda ha golpeado al ventilador!
  2. Gracias. Pasé algún tiempo "en el sur" cuando era más joven.
  3. Thank you Bayern. That is what I was thinking also. All the other ones I could find online have some sort of insignia. Gracias Bayern Eso es lo que estaba pensando también. Todos los otros que pude encontrar en línea tienen algún tipo de insignia.
  4. I saw this plain brass buckle described as a condor legion tankers buckle. I have never seen one like this before. I know there were similar buckles made during the Spanish American War in the Philippines. I have no idea what the back of the buckle pictured looks like. Does anyone know if this was a common Spanish army buckle of the time or specific to Legion Condor panzer soldiers? Thank you in advance for any information.
  5. about a minute in you see Namibian troops all decked out in Soviet gear and they are wearing the plain brass buckles.
  6. Actually they might be crossed Mosin-Nagant carbines model of 1938 or 1944.
  7. Just acquired this unusual buckle. Appears to be chrome plated brass. It has a 50's style hook. Any input as to its use would be greatly appreciated. I did look on the net and it was described as a "guards" buckle like in a gulag. The internet isn't always gospel! Thank you!
  8. Here is a picture of a Cuban AAA crew circa 1996. Most of them are wearing FAR buckles.
  9. about a minute in you see Namibian troops all decked out in Soviet gear and they are wearing the plain brass buckles.
  10. Here is a picture of an AAA crew wearing FAR belt buckles circa 1993. Thanks PRIDE!
  11. I am guessing, IMHO, that this grouping may be from a Veteran of the War in Angola. They did kick some Apartheid butt their. Or it could be from the Afghan War since many Paratroopers were sent their and they did have armor and AAA. Who knows, Cuba is not very forthcoming with information these days. LOL
  12. Taz: Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort auf meine Nachricht und für die nützlichen Informationen. Ich hatte ein Foto eines alten kubanischen Veteranen gefunden, der alle seine Medaillen trug. Er hatte ein Wachabzeichen, aber ich kann das verdammte Foto nicht finden ... Pride: Grazie per aver risposto al mio post e per le informazioni utili. Avevo trovato una foto di un vecchio veterano cubano che indossava tutte le sue medaglie. Aveva un distintivo delle guardie ma non riesco a trovare quella dannata foto ... Thank you for responding to my posting and for the useful information. I had found a photo of an old Cuban veteran wearing all his medals. He did have a guards badge but I can't seem to find that damn photo...
  13. Just picked up this Cuban grouping. Anyone familiar with what appears to be a type of Guards badge? It has a screw back and the only mark on the nut is a 5 pointed star. Any information as to what units would have worn this and why would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Picked this up this weekend at a town wide yard sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't see any makers marks and it is non magnetic.
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