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  1. Hi Giorgos; MANY thanks for this; I'll certainly take a good look. My apologies for spelling your name incorrectly last time 😞 Cheers; Lee
  2. Bayern; Thanks for your time & input. We're pursuing all known 'local' affiliations (to Northumberland), but so far we're drawing blanks at each turn! C'est la vie... Hi Dave; thanks again for responding. As above, we're pursuing 'local' affiliations without success at this time; but we're grateful for your suggestions... Giogos; The family name is 'Clark' from Northumberland, UK and with no known Irish roots; all roads lead to Scotland on that front. The family did not have a crest; sadly! Cheers; Lee
  3. Thanks Jerry; there's a clear 'association' to a fire-brigade with the axe in the motif; but we're still no further forward on that front either... Thanks Dave; Sadly, we've come to the conclusion that this is not a military uniform, at least certainly not UK, and this man has no known overseas association... We can't place the cap-badge motif at all for his known local area which is proving really frustrating!!! Thanks both for your time. Cheers; Lee
  4. Hello team; I'm hoping that somebody will be able to identify the Forage Cap / Cap Badge / Uniform in the attached image. Best guess is that it's UK c. 1899/1900; and I'm hoping for an association to Northumberland and specifically the Northumberland Hussars, but I've not been able to fond that link thus far. Thank you in anticipation... Cheers; Lee
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