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  1. Hi to all! What do you think of this little knife? Any opinions appreciated ­čÖé Best ArHo
  2. Glad you like it, guys! It was taken in Lehrte east of Hannover. @The Prussian Thank you very much for your explanation regarding the chevrons - now I understand the whole aspect! Cheers
  3. Hi @The Prussian of course, you're welcome! Like I wrote: Info and image from a freely available internet PDF with title "Monogramme 1914-1918 (offiziell und inoffiziell)" and no mentioned author...
  4. Hi all, I just received this nice picture of a Seebataillon (I think it is the 2nd, barely visible on the shoulder board) NCO and got two questions - help appreciated :-) Am I right that he wears a long service cross / Dienstauszeichnungskreuz between an EK2 and a Hamburg hanseatic cross? Amd: What about these chevrons on his sleeve - I understand that they denote NCO ranks, but have seen them very rarely so would appreciate any info on regulations for wear. Greetings
  5. Good morning, while I sadly cannot provide any clue on the badge itself, the "C" in my opinion very stongly points to Carola von Wasa-Holstein-Gottorp, Queen of Saxony, as it was in almost the same form (compare the crown, too!) used by Husaren-Regiment 19 on their shoulder boards. She died on 15th December 1907, after which, as I understand, the Regiment used the letter. Info and picture from a pdf with all shoulder board Monograms of which I unfortunately don't know the author... Greetings
  6. More old men... Both found on the internet years ago: And two more 1863 veterans' portraits here as part of a very good essay on the Prussian medals and decorations of 1813-1814-1815 (German): https://www.deutsche-gesellschaft-fuer-ordenskunde.de/DGOWP/links/dokumente/die-befreiungskriege-im-spiegel-preussischer-auszeichnungen/
  7. Hi @GreyC please excuse me, I misunderstood: The reverse of the Berlin picture is completely blank, sadly, and seems to have been this way since production (no signs of a removed or added layer of paper). Thanks and best! ArHo
  8. Hi @GreyC - I forgot: here you are :-) I would love to have it narrowed down as Silesia is not my usual field of collection. If taken in the 1870s be should belong to IR 62, should he? Unfortunately there is no early regimental history as far as I can see... @Bayern and @The Prussian thanks for the feedback on no. 2 - I was not sure but now am! @The Prussian a very interesting picture with the young man with african roots! I think I have one, too, from ww1 western front but would have to search... Cheers!
  9. Dear @Metallica @Glenn J and @The Prussian - I still owed you something in return for your input - here he is, after more research and valuable support from other people / institutions, my veteran of 1814: Heinrich Philip "Friedrich" Storch from Tecklenburg, born / died there 1793 / 1866. Volunteer of 1814 with 4th Bat., 3rd Westphalian Landwehr-Regiment, made officer, served until 1816, not present at Waterloo etc. in 1815 as I understand, later Major a. D. (Landwehr as I understand), B├╝rgermeister of Tecklenburg, like his father before him, from 1818 to 1857. He also received a RAO4 later (visible on the image next to his medal for 1814) and fathered 12 children. This is his quite meritious biography in short - in no way was he a highly decorated "hero" of his time, but we can see the face of a man who lived in difficult times and did his bit. All the best and thanks again!
  10. Well, as promised, nothing spectacular but here they are - though I have to add that I am honestly absolutely not sure about nr. 2 from Berlin, I do think that he does "look" very "asiatic", but please do correct me if this is a eurocentric visual misconception by me! He does wear the 1870/71 prussian commemorative war medal. I have to add that I do know nothing about these pictures from my "special"-box, my current research was about my main collecting field, but I would love to hear any opinions on these gents. Cheers!
  11. Hi to all and @The Prussian - I own two pictures presumably showing "Asian" men in German imperial uniforms. I do not want to hijack this thread without asking, so please let me know if it is OK to post them here too in the coming days, thanks ­čśŐ Cheers ArHo
  12. @Glenn J brilliant, thank you - I do owe you a drink or two, though now my finely planned weekend research plans are somehow foiled.. No, just kidding: Thank you sir, again for I was not expecting this! Cheers ArHo
  13. Good day, I just received this picture and would love to identify the man through his medals and orders, but I am not sure about the correct identification of some of these. Any help I would highly appreciate! I tried to write my own findings and guesses down below as detailed as possible. Regarding the uniform he seems to have held at the time of the making of the picture a rank from Major to Colonel. The picture was taken in Berlin at Carl Wigand presumably shortly after 1871 because of the medals of the man and the medals Wigand listed on the back of the picture (Medaille Berlin 1865, Silberne Medaille Paris 1867). But this ist, of course, just a guess. Greetings! ArHo On the Spange I see (left-right): EK2 1870/71 RAO4X Hohenzollern House Order, knights cross Prussia War rememberance medal 1870/71 Prussia war cross 1866 ??? (Russian?) ??? Order of the Z├Ąhringer Lion X + oak leaves ??? (Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military-Merit-Cross 2. class 1870?) The neck crosses (top-down) I would say, are: Austria Order of the Iron Crown ??? (Russian Order of St. Stanislaus?) Order of the crown of Italy Denmark, Danebrog-Order ??? (Saxony-Weimar White Falcon Order?)
  14. @dedehansen and @Metallica wow, thank you both f├╝r your input, very interesting! I love them both and your answers tell me that I was right to assume these pictures are not easily found. In my collection I have only one possible piece that I would like to discuss with you: I consider this Ek21870 "small" compared to the buttons. What is your opinion? Best!
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