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  1. On top it says his name is Adnan - in the given mail address it says Adan - just a missing N?
  2. Ist das ein von rechts nach links durch den Kranz springender Rehbock? (schwarz) Ich meine links am Rand Auge und Hörner zu erkennen? Just my two cents ArHo
  3. No problem at all Glenn - like I wrote I am extremely grateful for all your help until now! Thanks to all of you I now know much more about these men than I ever hoped to... Best ArHo
  4. I know, I know, you are right - but, you know, "hope dies last"... 😉 I managed to identify some early birds (around 1860) during the last years myself but I cannot access the bavarian Militär-Handbücher I would need for this album (they are not online yet for the 1880s+) Grüße!
  5. No one? I would still be grateful for ony info - these are the last, promised 😉 And I will try to pay back by being a productive member of this community, of course! Cheers
  6. ...which I am not, of course 😉 Just thought it would be nice to know for you here... But I get your point! Viele Grüße
  7. Thanks for your opinions - good to hear theyre originals! VtwinVince: do you know what the "KO" means? Is it the manufacturer? Best ArHo
  8. Thanks Prussian - well that was what I expected, no specific action. Well perhaps someday somewhere I will find more :-) By the way - just today there is a nice Rohr Minenwerfer Postcard on german Ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/352918737559 Cheers
  9. Hallo everyone, as I am absolutely no expert on medals and orders - apart from some basic knowledge - I would really appreciate your opinion(s) on these two EK1. They come from a known veteran (machine-gunner, NCO) and were worn well into the 1950s on a volunteer-firefighter uniform. So they are basically "real" but it would be great for me to know wether they are period 1914-1918 pieces or perhaps later replacements. The only markings are "KO" and "800" - and I just love the patina ;-D looking forward for your comments ArHo
  10. Indeed he was in a "double sense" (denglish)... 😉 - ist mir garnicht aufgefallen! Cheers!
  11. Not exactly Sturmbataillon but I hope you excuse - this was always a bit of a mistery to me as this postcard was written by the man with the + over him - a Fahrer (driver) in FAR 74. How can we interprete this? Was he commanded to take part in some action with the divisional unit? And what does the date mean? I could not find any relevant action on it - a training course? Happy to hear from you! Cheers ArHo
  12. Just a little more info on the man: Peter Alfred Anton von Coreth Frei- und Panierherr zu Coredo 17.01.1887 - 29.11.1948 (so definitely too young for anything before 1914) Zgsf tit Objg, 4.TKJ (I guess this means what rank etc. he had at the date of the award: Zugsführer, titularmäßiger Oberjäger, 4. Regiment Tiroler Kaiserjäger) award date: 10.12.1914 (which may explain why he got, perhaps, an old stockmedal) source: http://www.heldenwerk.info/191418C.htm (and yes, this is the internet but a good source)
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