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  1. Hello hello! I have a German M34 "Pony Fur" Tornister backpack and it has "6 37 RADBAF" stamped on the inside (as shown in the attached picture). I've done some digging and I have been informed that ^ 37 is probably the issue date or manufacture date, RAD stands for "Reich Labour Service" and that BA could stand for Department of Clothing but what would that make the F? Or is the entire acronym "BAF"? In that case what does BAF stand for? Is it possible RADBAF stands for Reichsarbeitsdienst Bekleibungsamt Feldbrauchbar ( Reich Labour Service Department of Clothing Field Serv
  2. haha!! my apologies!! It's a Silver Wedding Medal of Princess Marie Anne (formerly of Saxe-Altenburg) and Prince Georg of Schaumburg-Lippe (c. 1907). It features the portraits of the two as well as the shields from their respected homelands(?), its marked SILBER (() GESGESCH on the edge!! Apparently from other posts I've found on here it's pretty rare. Who knew? All the best friends!
  3. I just made a comment on this post about what it is! Scroll to Discover as well!!
  4. Thank you all so much for your assistance!! This is precisely what I've been looking for! All the best!
  5. Hello Hello! A black peaked hat with gold cord detailing around the beak, the front bears an embroidered patch of a seven flame grenade (of red/burgundy fabric and gold cord) with a lyre in the centre of the grenade, the left and right side have a single gilt button with a lyre in the centre. The inside of the hat is marked with "1836 Simoncini Uniformi Berretti Guarnizioni _____ Bolgnizo PALERMO". I haven't found anything about the maker online. If anyone could refer me to an Italian Uniform specialist that would also be great!! It also came with a white/cream coloured cover.
  6. I've really tried everything that I possibly can think of to attempt to identify this medal. I couldn't tell you a single thing about it, but if any of you know I'd definitely appreciate the assistance! Thank you!!
  7. Hello hello, I have this medal and I'm able to narrow it down to being Turkish based on the front inscription and (what I am to believe is the) Rumi calendar date. I've seen Turkish medals that look very similar but the back with the birds and horse(?). The ribbon is black, red and what appears to be a very faded yellow. If anyone knows anything about this medal that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
  8. Hello hello, I've already made a post about this medal/badge/pin but I received a reply that it might not be from the Middle East like I had been told, but perhaps from a Soviet Bloc country? I've tried translating what it says and googling the colours (green, red and white) but nothing has come up. If anyone knows anything about this, that would be great! Thanks all! (Also just a disclaimer, I've never used a forum like this before so I really am winging it, sorry)
  9. I've come across this pointed medal/badge/pin and I'm unsure as to where it's from or what it is. I've googled the inscription at the top as well as the colors (green, white and red) and I've come up empty handed. I've looked at medals from Lebanon and some have that similar shape, but I haven't found the exact same medal/pin/badge online. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!
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