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  1. Many thanks to Paul & Taz for their replies It is much appreciated. Regards to you both. Carl
  2. Can any member provide me with more information regarding this incident. Sgt. H. Knight was my wife's uncle Thanks Carl
  3. It is obvious what this is. But I cannot find any Information about it and I would like to get a ribbon for it. The reverse has a number on it 249.


    Patrick, I cannot thank you enough for all the information you have given me. Tout le meilleur pour vous. Carl


    Patrick, More thanks for that it is very helpful. Carl


    Patrick, many thanks for that information. Your English is very good and is better than my French. Carl
  7. Thank Graham. I was given it about 40 years ago. Carl
  8. Can anyone identify this fascist Italian badge please.
  9. 99 Regiment of foot The Duke Of Edinburgh's regiment. Shoulder belt plate. Can anyone date this
  10. Can any member tell me where I can gat a ribbon for this police medal to Harry Dyke of unknown police force. I have a similar medal with bar for the great war 1914-18 but with a crowned head of George V awarded to Harry Hackney of probably Oldham police.
  11. Sorry Paul. I do not have that information. I never asked and was never told. He did not talk about his war experience Carl
  12. Paul, Many thanks for that information. A friend who I cannot name was awarded the full size medals and his wife gave me the miniatures when he passed away.
  13. Can anyone identify the last 4 on the right. Medal 5 has a Palestine 1945-48 bar, Medal 6 has a Malay Peninsula bar, medal 7 has Regular Army on the clasp and Long Service and good conduct on the reverse, Medal 8 has for Meritorious Service on the reverse
  14. A nice group of three. 1911 Delhi Durbar, KG V Silver Jubilee and KG VI Coronation.
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