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  1. Here are some photos of an M45 Soviet Naval Aviator Dress Tunic. I'm considering a purchase. Your opinions please.
  2. I believe that this uniform is currently listed For Sale on eBay (not my auction).
  3. Below are photos of a black leather visor cap for the early Soviet Air Force. The red star on the upper body is an early enameled hammer and plow. The hat band sports a large sliver metal winged propeller which shows evidence of having been broken and repaired. The chin cord and slides are leather and are affixed to the cap by brass hammer and plow buttons. The interior is lined in a tan/brown cotton. There is a 1919 dated ink stamp on the lining. The sweatband appears to be made from the same material as the lining. Overall this cap shows moderate wear/tear and age. Your comments are app
  4. Here are some photos of an early 1922-1924 Air Force Commander jacket. It is made from medium brown wool with a 6 wooden button front and has four flapped pockets, the lower ones being internal. It is fully lined in black cotton. There is a two hook closure at the neck for the fall collar. The insignia is light blue with red piping. All insignia is hand-sewn and matches for construction, materials and age/wear. The metal wings on the collar tabs are of an early pattern. The rank insignia is especially interesting as it indicates use by Azerbaijani forces. There is a single hole of the left bre
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