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  1. apparently there was NO independence medal issued. A preliminary medal design was instead used to reward soldiers who fought the border insurgents around the time of independence
  2. is there a nominal roll for its issue ?
  3. does anyone have a photo of the original Kenya Independence medal, from 1963. Anyone know where I can get one ?
  4. thanks Valjevo but I don't use Facebook at all Please just keep a lookout for me if you see one - ozmedals
  5. Hi 922F thanks for the reply, will keep looking. If anyone sees one for sale would you please let me know - ozmedals
  6. on a slight tangent to the topic, can anyone suggest where I can get fullsize ribbon for the King Haakon VII coronation medal ? thanks ozmedals
  7. Hi All I am a retired Pharmacist and Chemist in Sydney, and have just joined the GMIC, but have been a member of the British Medal Forum for many years. I am a member of the OMRS and the OMSA, and collect "interesting" British and Australian medal groups. Anything from mid 1800's to ww2 I like multiple campaign groups and interesting combinations, such as with a foreign award, coronation/jubilee, long service etc. At the moment there are 2 items that I am looking for : - ribbon for the King Haakon VII coronation medal of 1906 - to go with a British R.N. group
  8. Hi AndyG I have just joined the GMIC and came across your interesting thread on the O. of karageorge. I have a British group that is entitled to, but missing the Star of the O. of Karageorge, with swords, silver, 2nd class awarded in LG of 12 Apr 1917 It is an interesting group as follows : - QSA & KSA to Albert Buckler - R. Irish Fusiliers - 14/14 star trio to cpl/sgt A. Buckler - R. Ir. Fus. - Karageorge star 2nd class, silver - as awarded to NCO's This is the one without the white enamel of the order, and with a silver cross and gold/gilt ray
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