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  1. Hi, No stamps sadly, as it is a private purchase mütze i suspect. It does have the remains of a name: Lich The liner is also repaired with black thread. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2iZZmRR
  2. Thanks Chris! The cards are indeed Albert Reich. As far as i could find the collors of the c ockade represent Mecklenburg, but corrections are always welcome!
  3. Hello all, A couple of Jäger related items i recently added to the collecion! A Tellermütze with a cockade of reserve unter offizier and a cockade of Mecklenburg, wich is quite rare i think. As far as i could find Mecklenburg had only two Jäger bataillons, the Jäger bataillon 14 and Reserven Jäger bataillon 14. Also a S98/05 a.A with a Jäger troddel of the III. compagny, made by Simson & Co in 1915. The frog looks like a private purchase item. The items are not in the best condition but i really like the aesthetics of both pieces.
  4. Hello all, I recently got my hands on a walking stick made and ingraved by a German soldier. Musketier H. Mahnke, Kompagnie 8, Infaterie Regiment 187. Next to a Iron cross are a Rifle cartidge and a dagger ingraved. The soldier also ingraved some of the fronts he fought at: Aisne 1915, Arras 1915, Vogesen 1915/16. The metal plates are from Tirol, it is a tradition among mountain climbers/hikers to collect these type of plates from where they have been en attach them to their stick. Sadly H. Mahnke did not make it through the war and died on 30. 09. 1918. He i
  5. Hello all, Two new items have find their way to my collection so i thought i'd show them! A M17 helmet, named to a Gefreiter Hervardo. And something ive been looking for quite a while now, a Demag trenchknife or EB01. Enjoy! DSC01008 DSC01007 DSC01069 DSC01035 DSC01041 DSC01040
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