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  1. Hello friends. Help me make the right choice. Are these badges original? I am looking for Fallschirmjager G.H. Osang badge. Please give a recommendation. Thank. Vik Помогите сделать правильный выбор. Эти значки оригинальные? Я ищу значок Fallschirmjager GH Osang. Пожалуйста, дайте рекомендацию. Благодарить. Вик
  2. Hey. I saw Friedrich Linden. But I have a question about the badge with 4 wreath rings. I think this name tag is original. But 4 rings - according to this study - this badge is fake. I don’t see everything, let's discuss this badge. What points say is the original, and what points say is a fake
  3. I have a question. You are saying that the Parachutist badge was made only by Junker. But I found another manufacturer, Friedrich Linden. What is known about him? Next, see the photo. The wreath fastening tape has 4 rings. I think the badge review is not complete. What can you say ? The first photo 4 rings The second photo - this is Silver badge The third photo - this is Friedrich Linden
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