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  1. I am very curios about the small medals, miniature medals like this ones?
  2. I work in a museum, i also teach history, but obviously austro-Hungarian uniforms is not my speciality. I recently developed a interest in ww1 uniforms and this site helped me a lot. Can you suggest some serios books on this subject?
  3. How can i tell if this guy is cavalry or artillery?
  4. The picture was taken in Maramureş (Máramaros) and indeed it is an aria were the majority of the population was not hungarian
  5. 14230-MMSM-Clisee-Sticla-Colectia-Pipas_011.tif
  6. Thank you very much, Bayern!!! The second one is quite strange. The field cap without peak was exclusive for cavalry and artillery?
  7. Hello, So black fur collar are Husar and gray Ulan. They are the only ones that were this type of collar? the last one (black fur collar) has a infantry shoulder strap and also the cut of the uniform doesn't look like cavalry and no long boots.
  8. Thank you very much! artillerie ingenieur-assistant ????
  9. Thanks! now that is interesting! How the hell they end up in the town of Sighet (Sziget in hungarian ) today northern Romania ?????? I can tell almost for sure that the picture was taken in 1919-1920. One possibility could be that they are former prisoners of war
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