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  1. Hi, I acquired this, what appears to be a WW 2 Dennison 2nd Pattern Paratrooper Smock. it seems to be altered with button loops added in the collar. Or from other research, it may be a Royal Marine Alteration design. my interest is the painted/screened/drawn Jump Wings on the right breast. Has anyone ever seen this? Or have information or ideas of its possible origin, or any units that may have used this? From research, I have seen Indian Para units placed their Para wings on their right breast. Any info? Thoughts?
  2.  German/Prussian M1910 Help with Translation/Research I recently acquired a WW1 German/Prussian private purchase M1910 Captains Tunic and hat. Although there is no identifying names etc. on the tunic, the officers hat that came with it are a couple names in it. Landst Olbrisch, and under the sweat band was the name “Balan.” A search on Ancestry WW1 German Files found a Major George Balan of the 31st Infantry Regiment/Magdeburg. For Major Balan there are wound records for August 19,1916; May 5,1917 and September 1,1917. As far as the written words Landst Olbrisch, it may be an area , street or maybe a name? I found one listing for a Lt. Olbrisch with an Artillery Regiment Number 5 in the Prussian Officers directory on Ancestory. If I could get these correct translations, and any other information, records on Balan and Olbrisch , it would be greatly appreciated.
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