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  1. Thank you guys... I've always wondered how people find so quick who is who based on a few awards or uniform.
  2. This again might sound stupid but this explanation sounds to simple.... so who ever figured it out has all the names just in his/her head? So what do those many years do? Do people have data bases with names that correlate to awards, ranks, units? I was probably asking an ignorant question but I really am interested in a real answer.
  3. This might be a ignorant question but how is it that you can identify someone so quick.
  4. I guess it could. This cap shows a similarly quality badge. maybe local authorities have to have their own uniforms made?
  5. Assuming the beret is genuine, it is a shame that the badge and backing look so poor.
  6. With good photos it always best to have a single color background, good lighting and details of valuable areas.
  7. I found this on a Nepali police beret. Not completely the same did fid this one: https://ronpetersonantiques.com/nepal-police-lieutenants-visor-hat-w-hat-badge/
  8. Seems really poorly made with the blue backing and the badge with poor detail.
  9. I guess that pretty much shows the point Bacon was making
  10. From the first photo I would be hesitant to make a determination on the color of the jacket. It looks like he is facing some bright light, window or lamp, and it most likely washes out any darker areas. If the jacket doesn't have any specific indication of what type it is I would not make a judgment on it.
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