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  1. Hello, I want to share with you another photo of Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburgh with Queen Tamara Order
  2. Photo of Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburgh from the Museum of Soviet Occupation of Georgia (Tbilisi). He is wearing Order of Queen Tamara. The photo was taken in Tbilisi in 1918. Below a mans photo in a suit- Mikhail Tsereteli, one of the leaders of the Committee of the Liberation of Georgia
  3. I want to share my opinion on the name of the award, why was it named the Order of Queen Tamara? Or why was the image of the Georgian queen Tamar Bagrationi (Tamar the Great of Georgia) in the center of the award? Here are some points. First of all, during the reign of Queen Tamar, Georgia was the most powerful empire in history. ( for more evidence, I attached a photo of Georgian kingdom during the reign of Queen Tamar of Georgia, from 1184 to 1213). So, the image of Queen Tamara at the award symbolized Georgia in its independent and most powerful period. Secondly, historically, the first diplomatic negotiations and relations between Georgians and Germans began at this time, when Frederick Barbarossa, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, wanted his son- Frederick V, Duke of Swabia to marry Princess Tamar and form a German-Georgian alliance. Thus, the Queen Tamara image at the award also symbolized historical German-Georgian relationship and German-Georgian military alliance.
  4. It's true that the Georgian Royal House use the Tamara Award version with the royal crown but as far as I have information and I know, initially Georgian Royal House used Tamara Award without royal crown and it was like this version, which was shown by user: Pat66: Initially, in the 1950s, the head of the Georgian Royal Family, prince Irakli Bagration-Mukhraneli reorganized the order of St. Tamara exactly as this version, which was used by the Union of Georgian Traditionalists. The “royal crown” detail at the top of Tamara’s award was in the later Georgian Royal Family Tamara orders, that are still in use Thank you 922F! I am very glad to be a member of this incredible club! Can you send me a photocopy of a Tamara document which was issued in Paris by the exile Georgian committee? It will be very interesting!
  5. Hello! This model is issued 100% after WWII time. This kind of Tamara award models were issued by the Georgian Royal Family in exile.
  6. Schulenburg was a great person. He had written notes of the Anthem of the first Republic of Georgia in his notebook. I saw pictures of his notes some times ago. He loved and supported Georgia very much Friedrich-Werner Graf von der Schulenburg with his puppy in front of the German consulate building in Tiflis (Tbilisi) 1910s p.s. I like this pic so much
  7. I think also the same. Another version of the Tamara Award Certificate. This certificate is also bilingual but as I understand it is written in Georgian and French languages. The certificate was issued by the Committee of the Liberation of Georgia in Constantinople (Istanbul) on May 1, 1917. A very interesting thing is the head of the certificate is decorated with Tamara Award and with the flags of Georgian legion
  8. I want to share some materials from my electronic archive regarding the Queen Tamara military award. Bilingual Tamara Award Certificate (written in Georgian and German languages). The certificate was issued by the Committee of The Liberation of Georgia around 1917-1918. ( I think it was probably issued in 1918, before the official declaration of independence of Georgia from Russian Empire ( 26 May, 1918) ). Recipient of the award and certificate was Romanian lieutenant - Bodo von Konig. The document is signed by officials of the Committee of The Liberation of Georgia: 1) Prince Georges Matchabelli 2) George Kereselidze 3) Alexander Gozalishvili
  9. Shalom Mr. alexander! I was so amazed and so happy seeing Tamara order as your profile picture! So nice photo. The buttonhole should be mini Tamara award which was also common thing during that time. P.S. As I see you have wide collection of Tamara awards, so great collection of mini Tamara's! So nice, I wish I had also more than one Tamara Order
  10. Georgian Catholic priest, Shalva Vardidze with the order of Tamara. He was a member of the Committee of The Liberation of Georgia (1914-1918)
  11. It is under a big question. I would say that this award is the same - both Georgian and German.
  12. Hi everyone! 👋 I am a new member here. I want to share my Tamara award with members of the Tamara Order club 😄 periods of issuance of the Order of Queen Tamara: 1) In 1915-1917 ( WWI period) awards were issued by the Committee of the Liberation of Georgia (1914-1918) 2) After gaining independence, in 1918-1919- award certificates were issued by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) to German troops located in Georgia. 3) From the 1920s until the end of World War II ( After the Soviet occupation of Georgia in 1921), the Tamara awards were issued by representatives of the Georgian government in exile in France 4) After WWII- till now, the Tamara awards are issued by the Georgian Royal Family.
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