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  1. It came on an EK2 ribbon which I presum is incorrect! I don't have the means to prove it, but also the ribbon looks to be a modern replacement, David
  2. Have had this in lying around for years but no idea what it is. Hoping someone knows. It is marked 800. I am guessing it is German Imperial or Wiemar era and might be related to a '50th Regiment'?? -50 years service seemed to me to be a little optimistic.. Cheers. David
  3. Hi Rob,Thanks for your advice. (Apologies it took me so long to reply!!) Cheers David
  4. Thanks for that Graham. I need to get a copy of that book. So have just ordered one. But will take a while to get here. I have Laslo's book which is great, but the images are a limitation ( albeit mostly due to the age of its publication). David
  5. I am looking at whether to get this medal, but not sure if is real or copy. I have looked at previous posts on this subject but can't convince myself it is a real one. Thanks for help! I don't have pics of the edge, and other than 35 mm diametre, no other info. Ribbon either mint or replacement. If real, any ideas of what is a typical price range?.
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