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  1. I am asking my GMIC friends who might be the maker of this medal? Does i'ts design look similar to any other medals?
  2. There are several photos of him on internet with some of the medals that he wears on the above photo as well as L&S with crown!!! when he was in St Petersberg!!!
  3. Hi Guys, I found a photo of an Persian official who was commissioned to Tbilisi with an amazing L&S medal we have never seen before. I guess it was custom made by a Russian jeweler. He wears a lot of medals with crown on them!!!! Mirza Reza Khan (1846-1939) was a Persian diplomat and first secretary at the consulate in Tiflis where he intervened as a mediator for the release of Turkish citizens. He was later appointed to the consulate in Russia where he attended the coronation of Tsar Alexander III, then ambassador to Saint Petersburg (1895), Persian delegate
  4. I also compared and come to conclusion of saniolamamalek. Could it be a forged Medal?Like a saniolmamalek made medal lately presented as zimmemran by adding his name? the other only photo I can get
  5. I just don't understand why the owner of this medal insist this medal was made in Belgium by Zimmerman order!!!! Any idea gentlemen?
  6. I don't have the book,If you do can you please share a photo of Zimmermann's bio please.
  7. found new Sun and Lion Medal maker: C.F Zimmermann. Any more info on the maker?German maker
  8. As I said it's not the maker's name. it's just the name of an unknown person.Unfortunately it was and is very common for people to write their name on monuments, bank notes and important/popular places. There are 100s of names on the Persepolis stones sadly
  9. Photograph of Doctor Inspector Lucien Marie Victor GEORGES. (1866 - 1924). He was appointed Inspector Doctor in 1919. He directed the Health Service of the 20th Army Corps. He is wearing the photograph of the 1915 model outfit with embroidered kepi. The kepi is made of acanthus leaves mixed with the epidermis snake, all embroidered on red velvet. The tunic has two silver stars at the bottom of the sleeves, as well as red velvet collar attributes representing the caduceus emblem of the Health Corps. Note the small buttons at the bottom of the sleeves to raise them during operations performed in
  10. It's not the name of the maker.It's date 1339 not sure Hijri or Shamsi.Most likely the name of the owner of the Medal.Gholam Reza Khan
  11. Any idea why there is no well known lion and sun on this medal??? Is it 2nd or 3rd Class?Authentic??Replica??
  12. Have you seen this medal in 1st class? Even without stones? I mean any 1st class with star between rays? If yes, please share a picture.
  13. I doubt if it was a second class.Shah never wore a second class medal
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