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    Really a coin collector, but sidlines a good selection of North Korean orders and medals, and a few Japanese orders and medals
  1. I recently noticed the attached maker's mark on a Red Cross medal, on the reverse of the suspension. Does anyone know which company this might represent?
  2. It is a Friendly Society badge, probably Oddfellows. The giveaway is the hand with a heart in it at the top (on the right in the upper photograph: the badge is sideways), and I think the hands are black toned silver rather than having any racial overtones. I suspect the centre has been rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise.
  3. Ynsman

    7th class Rising Sun

    Thank you very much for that confirmation. Alan
  4. Could someone tell me when the 7th class began to be issued with a plain silver reverse? I assume it is an economy measure, possibly WWII and later? Alan
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