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    Vintage Good Quality Reproduction Of The Most Desirable Form Of The Third Reich Gorget This is an EXTREMELY rare gorget to find, in any condition. The German Heer (Army) standard bearer's gorget, introduced in 1936, is absolutely one of the most desirable and handsome of all gorgets issued by the third reich. The half moon-shaped back plate is made of a heavy alloy with a shiny finish (nickel and silver). The insignia is two crossed army standards, with the heer eagle on them, with a highly detailed army eagle in the center, over a sprig of oak leaves. There are also large oak leaf sprigs at either corner, attached to two buttons in the corners. There is some fading to the silver due to wear and age, but it still retains all of the original detail, both on the background and attached insignia. Complete with original 25 link chain. Total weight is 260.8 grams / 9.2 ozs. 18.5cms x 9.5cms approx. Located in central UK. Viewing can be arranged. Price On Application. Contact via ad or email. Thank You.


  2. Many thanks for your reply, I looked at the very liberal description on their site, it would be very interesting to find what they sold it for thats for sure. Regards, Ian.
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. I have sent the institute you directed me to an email. I will post here if I get a reply. All the best to you Andreas. Sincerely, Ian.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased this bronzed figurine. All I can find is that it was made as a presentation for the 1937 labor day and was modelled after the 1936 Olympic figure of Victory. It is solid and weighs about 2.4 kg including the marble base, which has another wreath embedded into it. To the rear is the name Thorak. Wondering if anyone has seen others or knows its true history. Many thanks, Ian.
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