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  1. Hi Owain, That is most impressive and much appreciated, thank you. It would seem to be a British national by the name. I will do a bit of searching (not quite sure where yet) and see what I can find! Thanks again. Regards, Jack
  2. Hi Owain, Thank you for the additional information and the images ... that gold version is most attractive, it appears to have an almost matt like finish? Please find attached an additional image showing the engraving. Any naming that could add to the history of the medal would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Jack
  3. Graham & Owain, Thank you both for taking the time to reply, it is genuinely appreciated. I see that I got my dating wrong with makes a lot of sense as the way I was reading it would have meant the 'awarded' date was before the date on the medal! After a cursory glance of the internet there does not appear to me much information on the award, apart from the basics, so maybe a confirmed recipient might help. Owain, if I were to upload some clearer images of the inscription, do you think you would have a chance at reading and translating it? Regards, Jack
  4. Good morning all, I have in my possession a rather attractive medal which I am struggling to find any information about and I was wondering if any of the knowledgeable folks here could shed any light on it. I think the medal is probably Egyptian (although I could well be wrong) as it shares some characteristics with the Khedive's Sudan medal in terms of the 3 crescent moons, and it is housed in a J.Lattes case from Cairo. If my translation of the Arabic numerals are correct the medal is dated 1902 (1320), although there also appears to be the date 1889 (1307) on the bar above.
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