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  1. Hello Hermann, Since I now will studying the Imperial Navy Badges etc. can you help me with these. A friend of mine has been collecting for some time and I am considering these Wound Badges and a U-Boat stick pin. First did they ever make the stick pin for the 1918 U-Boat badge ?( I see a lot of these that are obvious fakes ) but this one looked like it might be ok if they were made in 1918. The Wound Badge Set looks nice but again I am seeing many varieties out there with a lot of obvious fakes. These look like they may be ok. I really appreciate your time and assistance. I hope this is
  2. Thank you very much Hermann, Is there any good reference books or study material you might suggest? I was curious why the Schott is misspelled? Was it a die flaw. I would really like to study these badges thoroughly before purchasing one if I can find a good reference on them. There are so many different versions out there on the market and I want an original one and I am willing to wait for a good one. Any help and guidance would be appreciated. This is a very nice badge you have! My Best, Michael
  3. Hello, Flyingdutchman, Again thank you for your reply to the first post. I appreciate your expertise. Here is another badge that I am looking at. Please if you would give me your opinion on this one and if you think it is good or not. I am looking for a nice original badge and I know there are a lot of bad ones out there. I am well versed in the WWII era German Militaria but not so much in the Imperial era badges. I am just starting to collect this era. I have had trouble finding any good reference books etc. on the subject of Imperial German Militaria. My Best Regards, Michael
  4. Hi Flyingdutchman, Thank you for your response. Could you give a bit more information as to why you think the mark is wrong and what the other issues are with that mark and the badge that you do not like. It would be much appreciated. Thanks again and my best regards, Michael
  5. I need some help with the Walter Schott mark on this Imperial U-Boat badge. I have never seen one with out the die flaw in the Schott (tt). It is a nice badge with very good detail and patina. It has a nice weight and feel to it. I want to know if it is good or a copy. Thanks
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