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  1. Really fascinating and I am sure that many medals was quite the chick magnet
  2. It is an impressive quantity. I am curious as to the random nature of their placement. I guess I would have arrayed them in nice rows. LOL
  3. This 19th century cabinet card has a Mainz photographer back stamp. I am guessing with the random wear pattern and the unusual headgear that this is fraternal although I could be easily persuaded that it is theatrical. The medals are quite extensive and one does wonder what the backstory is. Any thoughts?
  4. I have been playing with the image but it is really, really soft. Have just not been able to enhance it. Will keep working on it
  5. I agree. Have enjoyed collecting these as they pack a lot of history into one little bar!
  6. This is an interesting trio consisting of a U.S Army Mexican border service medal, World War 1 Victory medal with three battle participation bars (St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and Defensive Sector) and then a French medal with Verdun bar. There are a number of possible choices including the US 90th division, 4th Air Park part of 1st Pursuit Group (air service) and others which wore that bar combination on the victory medal. The bar has lovely age and patina.
  7. This relates to the topic but is not a military worn miniature medal group. I purchased this about eight months ago. It is a rather tinny charm bracelet that consists of a group of World War 2 miniature medals (although they appear to be more recent in date of manufacture). Among the group is a bronze star and a POW medal. One possibility is that it was assembled by a husband for his wife to wear perhaps at American Legion or similar dinners. The other option is that it may have been assembled for wear as a fashion item and was worn by someone who had no military connection. Certainly in the 9
  8. So more hunting turned up this German-American cabinet card. The imprint on the reverse is from Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania. The borough of Mt. Pleasant in the western part of Pennsylvania. Clearly another veteran of European war who was proud of his medals. The image is washed out so identifying them may be pretty hard but I would be curious as to his career. No names or dates. Thanks Peter
  9. Thank you all...those are quite the dinner plate size badges and that makes sense as to the gentleman in my photograph. Were they base metal or sterling? Again, I truly appreciate the clarity on this badge.
  10. Thank you so much. I looked at it under a loop but the angle is such that I can't make anything out on the center medallion but your explanation makes perfect sense. Thanks!!! Peter
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