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  1. well the condition of this one is amazing! To me it looks okay. He was a rifleman of the Landwehr Battaillon Münden in the battle of Waterloo, his rang was Schütze (the same as rifleman I suppose), when he got his award in the same Bataillon.
  2. Thank you, here for your information is his name in the official list of the bearers of the Waterloo medal. Your Johann Jaeger was born directly in the city of Brunswick and in 1818 he was allocated to the corps.
  3. well the guy on the right side totally looks like Adolf Galland, but then the photo must have been taken before 29th of july 1940. But if your General is Paul Conrath, then we are in trouble, as he recieved his KC 4th of september 1941. So that would mean that Galland doesn't wear his KC and he is also not wearing his spanish cross, so interesting question. Who is this sibling?
  4. Yes Brunswick is rare, beautyfull and hard to find, but there are bigger fish out there, with tremendous collections of Brunswick. I am just a beginner. PS: @augustin1813 which Name is engraved in this medal, that would be interesting
  5. Well one should never believe everything in the Nimmergut books, the honor crosses for 1809 for NCOs have the horses like your cross, the real crosses for the officers have a soldered horse on it. I guess you can see it pretty good on this photo!
  6. well the details do look better than at the other cross shown here and being identified as a fake from the Schrägstrich-Faker, but still with my knowledge from today I would have send it back to Barry, if aquired today. But one year later, I guess this option is not an option anymore, but next time I will examine every order or medal bought at emedals very precisly.
  7. Sorry to say that, but I don't think, that this one is a good one. The original crosses for the officiers had a soldered horse on the cross.
  8. so you won the auction at spinks against me! I wasn't able to participate the online life bidding, if I would have been, you would have had a tough fight on it. But congratulations!
  9. Well, if you are really interested in the date of the foundation - and it wasn't 1827 - you'll find in this book. No other author in the past managed to find the correct date of the foundation, since this book hit the market. PS: here you can have a short glance into the book.
  10. Thanks for this thread! The Ernst August Order is one of the Hannoverians, who is faked pretty much. Compared to the Guelphs he is easy to be copied I think I can see attributes of a cast in this one shhown above. I am suspicious about this one as well I aquired it from E-medals last year and was never relly happy with it, The details look better, but still some suspicious blowholes like expected from a cast. What do you think about this EA Order? One has to take into consideration, that this order was awarded even after the downfall of the kingdom of Hannover and was produced in vienna until 1900?
  11. So I allready got my printed copy yesterday, this was a fast delivery! Great article I have to say! Just one minor note to it. On page 53 Dave wrote: "In several states, such as the Duchy of Brunswick, one was required to have recieved the Iron Cross before being considered for the state award." Well I can't say for other states, but for the Duchy of Brunswick I can say, that this is not true in this absoluteness. It is true for must all soldiers who recieved the war merit cross of Brunswick, that they also have recieved the IC2, but there was a pool of 10 - 14 wmc of Brunswick for every company and unit with soldiers of the Duchy of Brunswick or soldiers who are related to the Duchy to give to theses soldiers for bravery even if they haven't got the IC2 yet. And the rule which Dave mentioned was also not applicable at the begin of the war! Take a look at the newspaper from 9th of October 1914, where 72 names were listed from soldiers who recieved both decorations and 91 names of soldiers of the infantery regiment 92 who just recieved the wmc without having or recieving the IC2.
  12. Hey Simius, I think that most of the active members from the SDA-Forum, who are capable of reading and writing english are registered here too. As with all forums 80 % or more are pure read only members, so I can't say if they read here as well or not. From time to time I do some kind of reposting here and in the SDA-Forum with links to the original threads to at least give these members who are just in one of these forums some usefull information. I do translate the original thread for the audience in the other one. But some of us here are also in the german speaking forum. So people ought to know the other forum. I am 100 % with you, that one should be in both, as one can gain good insights here and there.
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