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  1. wow this one is a great medal bar and with the merit cross 1.class it should be possible to help to identify the owner. There can't be that many swedish people who recieved it. If you have names I can check if they got the Brunswick merit cross 1st class
  2. I would love to present a prince sized war merit cross 1. class from Brunswick made by Godet. Please note that all of these prince sized crosses 1. class were produced after WW1 in the 20thies. How do you like this master piece?
  3. I would go along with Adlerhorst, that this piece is a modern production and not one from that time period.
  4. Hey Komtur, could you please tell us more on this very special medal bar? How comes that Doctor Paul Diekmann got the non- and also the combantant version of the Mecklenburg War merit cross? This must be an amazing story or was he awarded the noncombatant cross together with the prussian one and later got the model for active fighter due to his decoration with the fighters ribbon? I love stories and secrets like that! I really envy you for this bar! Congrats on this one.
  5. Indeed! I prefer printed magazines and books, I am the old generation who prefers the sound 'n smell of paper. That was the reason why I printed my books on the orders and medals of the duchy of Brunswick, no digital version.
  6. Interesting, why did a german navy officer got a japanese decoration for the war against Russia in 1904 / 05? Does anybody has any clue?
  7. Thanks Chris, I just ordered my copy of the actual magazine! I will leave my feedback here, once I recieved and read it. I am looking forward to it.
  8. Hey Chris, is there any chance to read your article, is it allready published, where? So many questions, but I am looking forward to get an answer from you.
  9. wow this must be a rare combination a fighters and a non combatant cross on the same medal bar, I have never seen something like this before.
  10. well I read about the later added Hitler as well, I guess that these photographers or the guys working on them were real masters in what they did. Take the handcolorised orders and medals for example or think of the photos of WW2 where knights crosses or oak leaves were added on old photos. So it was pretty comon practice to enhance photos to show what people should see and wanted to see.
  11. great photo and I am 100 % certain, that this shows the young Model. When I was serving in the German Bundeswehr we had an Oberstleutnant Kirschbaum and he wore a monokel as well. For me as a young Fahnenjunker it was pretty amazing, it had the touch of old noblese at this time. Long time ago!
  12. Great photo, what a pity that he isn't wearing any orders or medals at all.
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