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  1. Wow ArHo this is really amazing! I have never seen a photo of a wearer of the Ernst August Order! This is really rare. It would be a perfect addition for my books, would you be so kind to send a high resolution scan to my email address? Of course you will be mentioned in the book and copyright lies upon you. orden_kgr_hannover@schwarzbuch-verlag.com Thank you very much for showing it here!
  2. Thank you Laurentius and Sandro for your kind words. Well if people wanted to know more about me, they could pm me, here in this forum I have discussed matter of phaleristics and will do so in the future as well. I am not discussing things on my person. In Germany we have a saying: A gentleman enjoys and keeps silent about it! And as we are in a Gentlemans Forum ... So lets go back ton Hannover, if you don't mind. PS: Thank you Trooper_D
  3. Gentlemen, I am pretty convinced that most of you have allready spotted this auction with many great items in it. 2 victoria crosses for example, but in case that one or two of you haven't seen this auction I wanted to share this link with you. There is nothing in there for me but you may find great information in the auctions cataloge. The auction is offering parts of the Griesbach collection. Have fun with it!
  4. While doing the first research and mind mapping the orders and medals of the kingdom of Hannover, I was thinking upon the 4th class of the guelphic order. It was founded in 1841 and even if many people called it a knights cross 2nd class, this is not true. It was never meant to be a knights cross. If we compare it to the 4th class of the order of Henry the Lion, we do see some similarities between them, but you cannot compare them in reality. Between their foundations lies 68 years, when the 4th class of the guelphic order was founded, there was just the golden knights cross available in Brun
  5. I bet that this is Saudi Arabia, the front side shows the Kaaba in Mecca, the place where all the muslims go for their haddsch. Maybe it is some kind of souvenier that people can aquire who made the trip to Mecca.
  6. The breaststar is definitly a sign for the schützenkonig. I found a similar photo while doing some research for my coming book on the orders and medals of the kingdom of Hannover. Take a look at what this Gentleman wears. The photo shows a Schützenkönig from Hannover, amazing how he wears the other order, the ribbon looks like a ladies ribbon folded like a bow.
  7. wow Thanks Claudius for reposting this amazing post from Rick, I wasn't aware of this post. great stuff, what a loss for us that he has left us much too early.
  8. Well Nassau could be from the look of the suspension loop, but why should an artist be that ignorand to paint wrong colors of the ribbon? Or the guy has mounted his medal to a wrong ribbon, that happened from time to time. I knew some medal bars where medals are mounted to a wrong ribbon.
  9. Hi, I have checked the lists of the recipients of the Prussian golden Military merit cross, the so called Pour le Mérite for NCOs. The IR 74 recieved 9 crosses, but the first reward was given on May 1918. The guy was Willi Hausinger. Here is the complete list: Willi Heusinger: 05.18.1918 Ferdinand Albers: 07.08.1918 Friedrich Möller: 07.08.1918 Ernst Reiche: 07.16.1918 Ludwig Hagemann: 10.25.1918 Meyer: 10.25.1918 Oskar Riemenschneider: 10.25.1918 Friedrich Schuttmann: 10.25.1918 Adolf Wendt: 10.25.1918 Please bear in min
  10. Hi Elmar, the show was cancelled and there was defenitly no show in Gunzenhausen. But there was a non public and privatley held convention of the BHMA. About 60 to 80 people were there and after 5 hours all was over. We all hope that next year Gunzenhausen will happen again with all of us. kind regards Stephan
  11. This is a pure beauty so much very interesting pieces on it! I love that he has also the life saving medal, I truley admire the Lippe cross with swords on the ring, I love the hanseatic cross from Bremen. Very very nice! By the way was he really actice on the front line? Do you have any information on that?
  12. To me the first one looks like the Jubilee Memorial Medal for 50 years of entering the throne of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. They were two versions of it one for armed and police forces the other one for federal employees. the medal
  13. wow, great Story, Thanks for telling Enzo, I really appreciate it.
  14. Coming back to the golden chain of the guelphic order, I can show you 5 hallmarks on a silver gilded version. From left to right this is what these hallmarks do stand for: The head: made in the regency of king William IV. (or Wilhelm IV. in German reading) the lion: made in sterling silver the t: made in 1834 the lionshead: made in London JJE: made by the goldsmith John James Eddington. more will be found in my book when it is published.
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