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  1. Well I was faced with the same topic for my books on the orders and medals of Brunswick. I thought on publishing the waterloo medal owners along to all the owners of the order Henry the Lion but decided against it, it would have meant another 250 pages or more on the names, units, etc ... I can tell that the book / lists shown in my last posting still is one of the most read lists in the archive. But sorry to say that, there is no digital version of it available. I might bring out an adendum to my books and maybe I should insert the list od all waterloo medal owners in it, as I have the whole list on my PC. might be an idea to follow on.
  2. Hello TJLA, if you are talking about the waterloo medals, then yes they still exists in the archive of the duchy of Brunswick located in Wolfenbüttel. See the photo attached. If you are talking about medals from Brunswick in general then there are more lists to be found on nearly every medal that was founded but all at different sources.
  3. Time Left: 19 days and 13 hours

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    Hello, I only have left 8 sets of my book on the orders and medals of the duchy of Brunswick, then it will be sold out and I won't reprint it. So when its gone it is gone. The Book is a three volumed book set with all together 1302 pages, hardcover. You can have a look inside here! The original price for the books is 297 € plus shipping, for Germany it is 10 € with dhl, other countries you may contact me to get the additional shipping costs. As a matter of fact I am offering the set for 250 € plus shipping, you can paypal me the money. So you will save 47 Euro if you order here directly! This offer is valid until 17.th of october or untill I am sold out! So last chance to acquire these books! For more information just drop me a pn here!


  4. Absolutely not, he could be a civilian and having a higher grade in the civil status lists. I just started with the officers, because it was easy to spot the saxonians in it. It is much harder with the civilians.
  5. wow just white and blue on yours Walter, Congrats on this pure bavarian beauty! I wonder why he didnt have the KDM on it, because he don't like to wear prussian stuff?
  6. Okay, so we need to start again. What I can tell you is, that the minature looks like the big crosses from Siebrecht, so our man got his officers cross from Brunswick before may 1912. Well this argument is only true, if the miniatures also followed the change from tail down to tail up on the guelphic horse. If I found the time I will have another look into my lists from brunswick, to see if I can find more saxonians in it.
  7. I checked my lists and at first glance I found these two officers from Saxony, if he was a military man, you might go along with these names. If he was civilian I do need a name to check it. Frhr v. Könneritz, Karl Wagner, Erich
  8. well I have written the books on Brunswick and the officers cross was awarded 220 times, so a bit more than just 5! I can check a name for you, if you get me on from the other decorations. By the way congratulation to this great mini chain, I have never seen an officers cross on a chain like this before.
  9. huh! Wouldn't this be a contradiction in its self? A french wearing an ek2 from 1939? Or this one belonged to a guy who served in the legion after the war or very unlikly a member of the french wallonian ss,
  10. If you want to dig deeper into this kind of matter, there is no other way than to buy yourself some good books on this topic. I would recommend the Frank Wernitz Books.
  11. By Frankenstein - Bar you mean it is a modern creation to harm collectors? The first time that I saw this bar, I said to myself: wow, could this combinantion be really true? A KO3 combined with a KO4 with this ribbon, the HOH with that ribbon and the RAO3 with crown but without bow? But then I read all your opionions on it, like rick, etc... and told myself: okay I am not an expert on prussia, so what do I know to tell my doubts? But yes even the fact that we can't find a possible id of the owner makes it hard to believe that this one is an original one from the German Empire. If it would be, it would be certainly a very impressive one. But coming back to my question: the KO4 on this ribbon without the red cross on the order, who could get this one and for what kind of reasons, someone wrote here that this happened. So I would love to learn more on this. Thanks!
  12. Folks, I am quite sure that the story is an urban legend, but as I can't proof it wrong or right I want to share it with you. I meet a guy in a bar with an army carmouflage jacket on and on his breast I spot a medal on a pentagonal medal clasp. I asked him what kind of medal this is and where he got it from. He claimed that he was in the middle east and took this medal from a dead body of a terrorist fight from the IS. "This medal ist the only one, ever been awarded by the IS" this were his words. Now I managed to get this photo and I can tell, that the pentagonal medal clasp truely looks like the one from the Combat Order "For Services to the People and the Fatherland" from the GDR. The medal itself has some arabic writings on it and if I compare it to the flag of the ISIS then it looks like taken from there. The backside of the medal is plain. So Gentlemen, what is your expertise on this, is it really a medal from ISIS or just a nice story been told in a bar deep in the night. So is this medal purly a product of fantasy and being sold on some middle east bazaars to tourist?? I can't tell but tend to believe the later.
  13. true! That would be wonderfull. Even the answers to the ribbon on the HO without swords and the KO4 on that ribbon without the cross haven't been given. So @Daniel Krause what about you, can you id this bar?
  14. Interesting, I allways thought that these pentagonal ribbon clasps were only used in the USSR and GDR and further communist governed states.
  15. I am pretty sure, that Pelkmann didn't recieved the 1st class of the Braunschweig War Merit Cross.
  16. Well, I would be concerned about the blue line on this medal! 😂 😉. Okay let's get serious, I would say, that this is not a piece handed ou in WW1. Maybe in the mid 20s or later. This is a question for the experts, but I am pretty sure, that is was not awarded in WW1. There are some pretty good fakes around on this badge as well.
  17. @Chris Boonzaier has mentioned the Waterloo Ducat in this post here earlier in this forum. But let me show you one more piece of the most desierable and extremly rare honor ducat given to the bravest of the braves. Only 8 soldier recieved them in a special ceremony on 13th of august 1815 on the doorsteps to Paris. One soldier of each brunswick troop units, so it was one for the Husars, one for the Uhlans, one for the Artillery, one for the Life Bataillon, one for the Rifleman Bataillon, one for the first, one for the second and one for the third Line Bataillon. The ducat shown here is an original ducat from 1814, they were a present from the black duke to his sons, who gave them away as a honor awrad the these eigth soldiers (no officers should get them), a jeweller in Brussels mad the suspension and thight them on a blue ribbon. The first drawing of these waterloo honor ducats was shown in 1837 in the Book on the orders and medals of the guelphic houses (Hannover and Brunswick). The one shown here looks exactly like the drawing from 1837 with the suspension. A jeweller has checked it recently and said that golden alloy used for the suspension is old. But to be honest it is impossible to tell, if this one is really one of the eight ducats given away in 1815 or a newer production for a collector who wanted deerly to have one in his collection. The 7 owner of the ducats who were still alive in 1834 had to lay down their ducats and wore the newly founded silver honor cross 2nd class of the order of Henry the Lion. Their ducats stood in their posessions and wasn't given back. So this is a piece you won't see that often. PS: more on this ducat and all the other orders and medals of the duchy on Brunswick can be found here! Only 15 sets left for order, then it is sold out and it won't be reprinted!
  18. That is an interesting question, if I see through the lists of the waterloo medals given, I do find 4 Deneckes in lists of the Husars: Georg Denecke, born in Helmstedt Heinrich Denecke, born in Kreiensen, killed in action Friedrich Denecke, born in Blankenburg, dead Georg Denecke, born in Hessen ( a small village at the border of the duchs of Brunswick) So Owen was right, but the spelling in his source was wrong!
  19. cool photos and nice story, reminds me of his american counterpart Howard Hughes. I wonder about the man in the front row with his cigarette, is that young Hermann G? I really like the chap on the left side with his monocole, that is pure officiers style at that time being.
  20. I agree with Triad08, this one shown in the first post here is a modern copy produced long after WW2 and has nothing to do with the original awarded ones.
  21. I have sent you the email just now, so I hope that you will find the information in it helpfull and interesting. with kind regards Blackcowboy BS
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