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  1. I found an interesting quote of a German man of letters. Hermann Otto Rudolf Presber said at the beginning of WW1: "Und mögen Orden gleißen,des Goldwerts sich bewußt, das schlichte Kreuz aus Eisen schlägt all sie auf der Brust. Kein andres ist zu achten,ihm gleich an seinem Wert, das in der Not der Schlachten,den Mann und Kämpfer ehrt." In Englkish it would read like this: "And even if medals glitter, aware of their gold and value, the simple cross of iron beats them all on the chest. No other is to be respected, nor equal to it in its value, which honors the man and fighter in the
  2. Hello Demir, great work, Thank you for sharing it! I am very impressed, that the the osmanic state did have different ribbons for life saving medals regarding the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th deed. Do you happen to know, if there ever was a recipient of the Tahlisiye4? That would be very interesting to know!
  3. I have to confess, that the circle marks or scratches on the backside do irritate me and why is the enamel on the front side black?
  4. That's why I say, that he wears the Badge of Honor for exemplary and meritorious service over 20 years, this looks very much the same like the one for bravery, so he is not wearing the cross for bravery but for long time services as an officier of the reserve. Hemmerle doesn't have the original dies anymore they are gone, so I can't give you an answer on this one, maybe Henning Volle, the author of the book on orders of Baden knows the answer.
  5. Hey Laurentius, it is a great photo, but I doubt that Markgraf Maximillian von Baden recieved the Badge of Honor of the Bundeswehr for Bravery, he is colonel of the reserve and I expect him to have recieved the Badge of Honor for exemplary and meritorious service over 20 years. I love that he wears the grand cross of Berthold I. en sautoir
  6. Well I guess it will be close to impossible to identify any of these soldiers on your photo, the text itself reads as following: "Shortly after arrival at the old unit, this photo has been taken. It shows the rest of the regiments staff after the evacuation of the "Finger-Emplacement" the night before. Photo K. Küster" This regiment was part of the battle of Narva in 1944 more to be found here: Battle for Narva Bridgehead Maybe it helps a little bit.
  7. Hello 1812 Overture, Thanks, but I would say that this order looks more like the SEHO3a/b than the guelphic order, but nevertheless he wears the breaststar of Brunswick, so it is a great photo! Thanks for sharing it.
  8. Great Medalbar, whom was this bar awarded too? Could you please tell al little bit more on him?
  9. Maybe, but I guess it is to large for that. The size is much too large for that, don't you think so? But thanks for your ideas, maybe more to come, I am looking forward to reading them.
  10. Gentlemen, does anyone of you have an idea of what this is? Well it is clear what it is saying, but I havent any clue where this insignia was mounted to, maybe a coach? The measurements are 15 x 9 cm. Your comments are welcome!
  11. I will let you know here in this forum, as soon as the book is available, but it will take some time, I guess maybe end of 2022. You can have a look at my books on the duchy of Brunswick here and order directly at my publishing company . Books on Brunswick
  12. Congratulations on this, I think you might be a happy collector for this moment, before the need for the next thing kicked in. We all knew this! I have to admit that I would passed by these pieces, if seeing them on a flee market, but always nice to learn new stuff here in this forum.
  13. Wow, never saw a golden nail from that era before. I have seen some of these "Nagelkreuze" or in Brunswick they had one wooden Henry the Lion, where people could hammer nails in. Thanks for showing it.
  14. I have ordered the same issue of the IC Magazine and it came through without any troubles. It took roughly two weeks. So all went well. I am thinking of buying an expensive book from 18xx, besides the price I am not sure about shipping and customs, so I hesitate to order it, because if something went wrong with that it would be embarrsing and costly!
  15. As said Deruelle said that he was killed in 1917, so it could be a typo and he died in 1927, then it would make sence. That's why I am asking.
  16. Hm killed in 1917 and again wounded in July 1918, are you sure that you talk about the same person?
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