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  1. 1956 was 20 years since the start of the Spanish Civil war. In this year a number of countries and organizations issued medals for International Brigades veterans ( who had to have been very lucky to survive Franco, Fascism, Nazism and Stalinism until then ) Wesoloswki's book records the Polish medal as being silver ( with no mention of plating ) . I once sent a plated medal back to vendor on the basis of this description.Maybe I erred ( I still do not have one )
  2. I do not have the technology to post photos Both OPS are numbered in a range between 2300 and 2400 and both documents are dated 5 May 1945. One is to a Guards Corporal and the other to a Junior Lieutenant My interest in Yugo.WW2 is part of an interest in the awards of all Allied countries and Resistance for WW2 I was very pleased to obtain the two Spomenika 1941 awards I also have two Slovenian Partisan awards ( 1983 Medals for the 6th and 7th Partisan Brigades ; both numbered )
  3. I should have mentioned that the OPS was third class I also have ( from separate acquisitions ) the second and third classes of this order ( USSR made ) to Russians with documents
  4. I do not have the technology to post photos; Awards in the lot purchased were as follows: Order Partisan Star USSR Manufacture # 7183 Spomenika 1941: Ist type (USSR made ) (Unnumbered ) and 2nd type # 16357 Order of Bravery 1st type # 5651 & 2nd type # 11359 Medal for Bravery : 1st type ( USSR ) and 2nd type Medal for Military Virtue ( 1951- ) Medal for Merit to the People ( 1945 - ) Medal for Labour ( 1945- )
  5. Thank you for advising Intermediate I bought a lot of different Yugo.WW2 Medals on a UK auction and it has occured to me that they could have been to one person but there is apparently no way of checking this
  6. I do not regard personal comments as appropriate , especially when the person making comments has no knowledge of the other person's circumstances. For information , I do not have the technological devices needed to post photos When I pose questions they are to bring out answers which can increase the knowledge of all readers
  7. Is it possible to identify recipients of WW2 Yugoslavian awards from the numbers on them. I have previously been advised on another forum that this is not possible but am inquiring here now in case anyone here knows different or records have since become available ?
  8. Thank you Owain .I had suspected this and that the descriptions as medals were off
  9. The 1927 Iraqi Order of Wear of medals apparently includes the following : !.The Iraq medal 4. Al Nahda Medal I have not come across information on these . Can anyone provide
  10. Thank you Vince for your suggestion Unfortunately the medal is in a bank vault which is not immediately accessible and all I have to share at the moment is the description above For future reference: I do not have either of the technological devices nor the expertise to be able to post photos and can only give text descriptions of awards.I have no scanner and my seldom used 2004 vintage cellphone has no camera
  11. Thank you for the actual informational content/ part of your postings Sandro.
  12. I refer to my post of 20 Dec 2020 above. Responses with actual information ( not of the sort immediately above ) would be most welcome
  13. Was it a common occurrence for doctors and veterarians to donate free sevices for so long or would these medals be rare ?
  14. Thank you for the information Peter
  15. Thank you for the further information Alexander
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