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  1. Thanks for responding 1812. One can but live in hope that the information will turn up eventually
  2. is it possible to identify recipients of Soviet orders from their serial numbers from any easily accessible resources that do not involve going into Archives? I do not speak or read Russian which cuts out my accessing resources in the Russian language . I am interested in identifying the recipients of the following : Order of the Red Banner : # 136619 " " " " " : #201253 " " " " " of Labour : #293473 " " " Patriotic war 1st Class : 294533 " " Glory 3rd Class : # 115895
  3. In reply to Chechaco1: yes .However , the specimen you illustrate seems to lack the suspension
  4. Difficult to exactly make out but there could be a flourish above the final " G" in the naming of the Keiberg Medal similar to that above the first " G" in the naming of the Roots medal ( both illustrated above ) Any opinions on this from those with better eyesight than mine. Any similarities in naming between any of the known named medals would indicate that some of the medals went to the same engraver ( possibly at different times as awards were made sporadically )
  5. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian so am unable to access sources in this language Regarding the early Certificates of Award for the ORB of the RSFSR: The two different types that I have are different to that illustrated by Japan X. Is it known exactly how many different types there were ? As surviving certificates are apparently scarcer than surviving badges and the total number of certificates was split over a number of different types , I would imagine that some particular types could be quite rare
  6. Thank you Rusty for the additional extensive information posted Why I am endeavouring to obtain illustrations and other new info is to test the validity of previous information and assumptions about this medal A few notes : (1) H .Ferara Medal illustrated in a history of Genadendal by Balie (2) Henry Evans medal: neither Mitchell or Everson in their articles mention the " CMR " which is in the naming of the specimen auctioned by DNW The medal was previously auctioned by Debenhams in 1898 and Glendinnings in 1933 (3) Dunning RE : apparently a die cracked specimen .Pr
  7. Thank you Rusty for all of this extensive information. You are doing the subject proud
  8. Thank you for the clarification pat66 It would seem that this is a fairly scarce medal
  9. Thank you for posting the picture Jef. It is the medal I mentioned
  10. In response to Gavin. Thanks for your posting I have contacted CC but did not receive an illustration of the Duncan medal from them which is something that I wish to have for my research into this medal The other party mentioned by you and i are not in communication I regard the SHS Medal as an official award since it was issued by the Governor of the Colony who was the Queen's representative in the Colony and the medal received post facto approval from the UK authorities who authorised payment for it
  11. In answer to Cazack : I do not have photograpic facilities to post illustrations In any event , such are not necessary to the questions posed since basic relevant details have been given
  12. In response to CB above: I fail to see how effectively rerunning a post which has not received response originally is " spamming " A failure of initial response does not necessarily mean that no one knows or no one wants to advise . My experience of this and other forums has been that rerunnings of unanswered posts have indeed produced informational results which have been of benefit to all interested in the topic under discussion. Sometimes people miss the first outing of a posting or may have seen it and intended to respond but then have been caught up in pressures of
  13. Thank you Pat 66.Much appreciated Could you possibly expand on the figures quoted. Are you saying that 2400 in total were issued or just 100?
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