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  1. I was not requesting anyone's guestimate I was requesting firm evidence of known to survive medals Such can be found in published catalogues of collections and also dealers' lists and auction sale catalogues
  2. Thank you to Egorka and Cazack for your responses and the information provided The information that I have obtained via a paid researcher is that Order of Gory III # 115895 was awarded to EREMIN , Fedor Semenovitch The same researcher has advised that there is no information available for ORB 136619 and OPW1 294533
  3. You have the correct no Egorka I can copy the award card to you and anyone else interested if given an email address to which to send. I do not have the know how to post it online
  4. Thank you to dmiller8 for the detailed information that you have posted about the Somers medal I am still interested in knowing how many are known to survive . The medals were named ( at least to the British recipients )
  5. Thank you Red October I do not have the know how to post the record card onto this site I have it in an email with attachment from a researcher and can forward it to you ( and also anyone else interested ) if provided with an email address to which to send it
  6. I have this recipient's ( born 1902 ) Order of the Red Banner ( for long service ; awarded 15-1-45 ) and a copy of his Award Record Card and have been advised that a citation will probably be unfindable due to the NKVD affiliation I am interested in obtaining more information about him but am limited by not being able to read Russian and not being acquainted with Russian information resources A google search brought up a reference to a publication by three authors ( MOSIAKIN, I , ALESHIN , AN and KABANOV VV )in the 1990s relating to the 1937-8 period but the publication date seems rather late for a person born in 1902 to have been one of the authors Can anyone kindly assist with any additional information and/ or references ?
  7. The Order of the Red Banner #201253 has turned out to have been awarded to ALESHIN, Andrei Nikolaevitch , a Major in the NKVD , on 15-1-1945 Apparently a long service award
  8. Thank you Jeff for the further information and picture Would you ( or anyone else ) know the award criteria , period of issue , whether still awarded / issued ?
  9. Re SHS Medal to Henry Evans ( mentioned above ) Apparently this did have CMR in naming on an early auction appearance However as per advice received on BMF, he is not on the SA 1853 Medal Roll not are service papers for him findable My feeling is that all SHS Medals to English sounding names that do not appear on the SA 1853 Medal Roll for the CMR should be name checked against any surviving muster lists etc for the CMR for the 185o-2 period that might be findable
  10. Thanks for responding 1812. One can but live in hope that the information will turn up eventually
  11. is it possible to identify recipients of Soviet orders from their serial numbers from any easily accessible resources that do not involve going into Archives? I do not speak or read Russian which cuts out my accessing resources in the Russian language . I am interested in identifying the recipients of the following : Order of the Red Banner : # 136619 " " " " " : #201253 " " " " " of Labour : #293473 " " " Patriotic war 1st Class : 294533 " " Glory 3rd Class : # 115895 Honoured Railroad Empleyee: # 114962 Can any member possibly assist please
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