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  1. I wish to obtain the full CITATION for an award of the Ministry of Marine,Louis Philippe issue in Silver 40mm to LARRIEU . Pierre, 1 er Cannonier D'Artillerie pr Sauver des Marins et Detresse 1839. Can anyone advise / assist ?
  2. Re the medals of THE SOCIETE ROYALE AT CENTRALE DES SAUVETEURS BELGES: Can anyone advise (a) if these were available to the military and ( b) what the award criteria were for the different types and (c) whether CITATIONS might be findable anywhere
  3. I tried for a number of years this century to have the authorities post 1994 rectify the previous non-issue of the Bronze BWM to the Union of S.Africa members of the SANLC or their descendants . Unfortunately no result Numis
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