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  1. Outstanding, thanks! It's great to read some more information about the piece possibly belonging to Alfred Meyra/Meyr. Given that 3 pieces were sold by the same seller, what would be the chance that these were all from the same person? I know with WW2 German awards, it wasn't uncommon for awardees to have multiple examples. Would this have been the case in WW1?
  2. Thanks for the opinions and info! The upper loop seems to be a feature missing on some, and present on others when it comes to schaper badges? I've attached below a somewhat better photo of the inscription of the second. How common would it have been for an awardee to have more than 1 badge (purchased privately)? Interesting that Kptlt dr Alfred Meyra/Meyr was from Konstanz. The badges were purchased on an online auction site from a bicycle dealer (they sell bikes and bike parts on their account, this was the only collectible item being auctioned off). The seller being located in Northern Switzerland. There was a 3rd badge at auction also from that seller, but I was too late to bid. Pictures of it are below also. Any chance these could have all been from the same man?
  3. I recently was able to bid for a schaper naval oberver's badge. From the feedback I've received on the Wehrmacht awards forum, it looks to be good. I received it, along with a twin brother today, and would appreciate opinions. The twin brother is named "Meyr, II M Flug??." I must admit I know very little, and I certainly would not have bid had it not been for the very good price. Now I'm enjoying doing the research, and would appreciate any help or leads.
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