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  1. I did some research on the web and will be very happy to know you opinion about the below: In terms of the crowns, I found a very interesting discussion on the ak-group.ru forum about different crowns found on the 1st type. I found an order but of second type which has exactly my type of crown and even all the manufacturing style is the same on emedals: https://www.emedals.com/europe/romania-kingdom/orders/order-of-michael-the-brave/a-romanian-order-of-michael-the-brave-knight-s-cross-with-case However the reverse of the order does not
  2. Hi Igor, thanks a lot for your reply, yes actually it is from spink. I also thought it is not of Romanian production as those are generally not made from silver. French ones are generally made of silver but the designs I found online were different to this one.
  3. Hi the GMIC community, I recently bought an order of Michael the Brave, type 1, 3rd Class in silver and would be very very grateful if you could share your opinion. 1) Do you think it is an authentic order or it is a fake? 2) Do you have any clues whether in terms of the manufacturer or at least the country it was produced in? Also posting the fixing, which is quite different from the models I find on the internet:
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