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  1. Hi Gentlemen, I will be very grateful to know you opinion on the authenticity of the below bar, currently sold on ebay: The medals seem fine to me. The ribbons also seem to be of an old type. However the mounting of the ribbons (the fact that they seem to be mounted very handy) and the fact that ribbons look quite new give doubts. What do you think ? Thank you Lucky
  2. The auction house confirmed it is a gold-plates Wendish Crown Order. Could someone mention since when this order started to be made from gold-plated instead of gold? Thank you
  3. Hi, thank you for your answers. Will be grateful if someone could help to track the possible recipient as this would prove the originality of the bar. Also as separate question, are there sources/ books accessible to new collectors which would allow to try to track the possible recipient? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi Simius Rex, Thank you for you reply. The lot can be found here: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/en-gb/item/102792088_prussian-world-war-i-officer-s-medal-bar-7
  5. I took me to long to edit my initial post. Will post here all the photos and questions : Hi Gentlemen, I come across this medal bar. I am only a beginner in this field and I would be very grateful if you can give your opinions on its originality. Red eagle and order of the crown: Order of the Wendish Crown and Order of the White Falcon Cross of Honor: The medal bar is currently sold at an auction. It was mentioned that the Order of the Crown is in gold and Order of the Wendish
  6. Hi Gentlemen, I come across this medal bar. I am only a beginner in this field and I would be very grateful if you can give your opinions on its originality. p12 Given the size restrictions I will post below other photos. Thank you
  7. Dear Waldo, Thank you for your answer. Actually my question is directly related to one of your previous answers. If you see a gold-plated 4th class MVO (not speaking about medallions) does this mean that this a consequence of a falsification to pretend it is a 3th class? Or there are other reasons which could lead to having 4th class gold-plated MVO. Thank you
  8. Thank you for your reply. I understand the passage from gold to gold-plated during the war. What I was wondering is the following: If you see a gold-platted MVO with no separate flames like the ones which were posted before, then this MVO is not a 3rd class. Then the question is, what motivated/what was the reason to apply gold to a 4th class, which does not require gold(except for medallions ) and especially when the gold was scarce?
  9. Hi all, Very informative and interesting thread. I wanted to ask a question concerning the gold-platted 4 class MVOs with gold center medallions. Is there a specific reason that some of the 4 class MVOs are gold-plated while most are not (both having gold center medallions) ?
  10. Greetings ! I am a very junior collector of German states orders, I will be very grateful if you could give some information about the Saxe Altenburg swords. I saw on the web that the orders can have 2 types of swords: "Roman" and "French", I join 2 pictures: I would be very grateful if you can mention the reason of different swords like different manufactures/ periods. Thank you a lot.
  11. Hi, I would be very grateful to know your opinions on this order which is currently on ebay: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Roter-Adler-Orden-4-Klasse-mit-Krone-u-Schwertern/353350257932?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I have no experience on judging the authenticity of war awards so will be happy to know your point of view before trying to bid. Also the design of the eagle looks different from the typical ones I find on internet. Thank you.
  12. Thank you a lot for your replies! Really nice forum and professional people! And yes the question concerned the order from ebay.
  13. Hi, Could you please tell me if there is a possibility of a combination of the Order of the Crown with No Swords 4th Class with a War Ribbon, ie the ribbon with large black in the center. Thank you
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