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  1. For the award rolls, are there some publicly available sources or this is mainly available through books which are not to be find online ? Thank you, Lucky
  2. Hi Dave! Thank you a lot for this very interesting information! I can see he was appointed by Frederick II of Baden himself. Would it be possible to know where you found the information concerning the dates of his awards ? Thank you. Lucky
  3. Hi Gentlemen, I recently acquired the following ordensspange: It came with a note that it belonged to Walter Karl Erich Brande (1886-1975). I would be very grateful if you find any information linked to when he received the Zahringer Lion 2nd Class and any information concerning his military carrier and ranks. Thank you a lot in advance. Lucky
  4. Hi Graf, Thank you a lot for your comment. It has high probability therefore to be a fake assembly. Lucky
  5. Hi Gentlemen, I came across this Bulgarian medal bar and will be very grateful if you could express your point on view on the below remarks: +All the ribbons seems to be old +Medals and orders seem to be fine, however I am a beginner in the Bulgarian orders and medals -He has the commemorative Serbian-Bulgarian War medal 1885, and Commemorative medals 1912-1913, 1915-1918, so already in 1885 he was in the army however in at least 32 years of service he does not have X, XX service medals and he does not have the Order of Military Merit and the Merit Order (Za Zasluga). -From all the medal bars I have seen on Bulgarians this is the first one to have the first variant of the commemorative 1885 Serbian-Bulgarian War medal, which after the abdication of the king had to be replaced with the new type. Will be very grateful for your comments on the above remarks and photos. Thank you, Lucky
  6. Glenn J, Thank you a lot for the information! I will try to find those. Lucky
  7. Hi Glen J, 922F thank you both for all this very interesting information. Glen J, the information you gave is very precise, If possible I would be very grateful if you could share where you found those details. Thank you a lot, Lucky
  8. Photo was taken a piori in Varna til 1906. Looking in the 1904/1905 Orden Almanach he did not have yet the Proa.
  9. Hi Deruelle, Thank you lot for giving that information, the bar seems in line with his decorations, just the Bulgarian order of civil merit is missing. Lucky
  10. Hi Gentlemen, I would be very gratefull if you could help me gather more information about the carrier and decorations dates of Georg Gabriel whose photos and decorations are shown below. The only thing I could find on the web was that he was serving as a diplomat in Varna between 1899 and 1906.
  11. Hi Gentlemen, I will be very grateful to know you opinion on the authenticity of the below bar, currently sold on ebay: The medals seem fine to me. The ribbons also seem to be of an old type. However the mounting of the ribbons (the fact that they seem to be mounted very handy) and the fact that ribbons look quite new give doubts. What do you think ? Thank you Lucky
  12. The auction house confirmed it is a gold-plates Wendish Crown Order. Could someone mention since when this order started to be made from gold-plated instead of gold? Thank you
  13. Hi, thank you for your answers. Will be grateful if someone could help to track the possible recipient as this would prove the originality of the bar. Also as separate question, are there sources/ books accessible to new collectors which would allow to try to track the possible recipient? Thank you in advance
  14. Hi Simius Rex, Thank you for you reply. The lot can be found here: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/en-gb/item/102792088_prussian-world-war-i-officer-s-medal-bar-7
  15. I took me to long to edit my initial post. Will post here all the photos and questions : Hi Gentlemen, I come across this medal bar. I am only a beginner in this field and I would be very grateful if you can give your opinions on its originality. Red eagle and order of the crown: Order of the Wendish Crown and Order of the White Falcon Cross of Honor: The medal bar is currently sold at an auction. It was mentioned that the Order of the Crown is in gold and Order of the Wendish Crown is also in gold. All orders are unmarked. In terms of the easiest checks: the medal bar seems in line to other specimens I saw. The order in which decorations appear on the bar seam to be in line to other specimens I saw. Ribbons look to be old. Also the decorations are attached under the ribbon so not easily to be removed. The orders themselves seem to look very authentic. However, given the rarity of the Wendish Crown Order and the White Falcon Honour Cross I would be very grateful to know you opinion if a combination of the 2 is possible and if those 2 orders look authentic to those who are experienced in this field. Given the rarity of the Wendish Crown Order and the White Falcon Honour Cross I would be very grateful to know you opinion if a combination of the 2 is possible. Thank you a lot, Lucky
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