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  1. Thank you guys! I really apricate it a lot. Is there a possibility on who bought the lot? or who has the other bar? I have his medal bar and I have a cloth DKIG and the smaller 4 place bar but it would be great to add that larger bar.
  2. I recently acquired this small grouping and was hoping to shed some light on who the original recipient was. As you can see in the pictures listed below he was active in ww1 and ww2 and also received a knights cross. I have no further info on this guy and was hoping to find out who he was. Any info is greatly apricated! best regards Luke

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    HI there! I am looking for the fallowing ribbon bars I will list below what I would like to purchase. Saxon related ribbon bars. Sew on style ribbon bars Turkish related bars Name attributed ribbon bars rare or exotic ribbon bars. I am also looking for groupings If you have any of the fallowing items, please feel free to contact me! Email: Feldspangeman96@aol.com Best Regards Luke.


  4. Hello everyone! I'm looking for possible info on who this bar might of belonged too. I'm hopping for a possible ID. Before I acquired this bar I remember seeing a thread with numerus pictures of high ranking officers and generals that all had a 40yr device on their ribbon bars. I'm certain I saw an officer or general wearing this same exact bar and his name was listed above but I cant seem to find the thread now. I will list the awards down below. EK2 1914 War Merit cross with swords 1914-1918 Combatants cross with swords Silesian Eagle possibly or Hanseatic cross? 40yr long service. Kaiser Wilhelm century medal If you would like better pictures of the bar, let me know and I will provide them.

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    Im looking for a specific type of ribbon bars. If you have any please feel free to email me. feldspangeman96@aol.com I'm currently on the hunt for exotic or rare ribbon bars. They can be a one placer to a 10placer. I would like to find more German ribbon bars with Rossets or Turkish awards. Im also looking for named ribbon bars or researchable ribbon bars. Heres a list of what im looking for. Turkish awards on a ribbon bar Eastern people award on a ribbon bar. named or researchable ribbon bars. ribbon bars with rossets attached to the ribbon. Any ribbon bar(s) bar with a silesian eagle. Any ribbon bar thats exotic or unique. Any saxon related ribbon bar. I'm not worried about currency differences, or shipping times. I've been on the hunt for specific types of ribbon bars for 4 years now and have only found a handful. So if you're willing to part with a few please contact me at the above email address. Thank you and best regards Luke.


  6. Thank you very much for the information, I really appreciate it a lot! Best regards Luke. Thank you! Best regards Luke
  7. I was wondering if it would be possible to ID the owner of this set. The ID tag came with the set, but there's no proof that its attached to this grouping. I will list the fallowing awards below to the best of my knowledge. Iron cross (2nd class) 1914-1918 cross with swords Prussian war effort Red cross Kaiser Wilhelm century medal? Order of the Prussian crown 3rd class??? Order of the Red Eagle with swords ?? China Boxer Long service Long service Baden award? Austrian combatants medal 1914-1918 Any information would be great. I have owned this one for a while and unfortunately haven't found anything on it. If it has a possible owner that would awesome, but we'll see. Thank you and best regards Luke.

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    Hello. I am currently looking for German ribbon bars. I would like to acquire the fallowing. ID'd ribbon bars or name attributed ribbon bars it doesn't matter from who. It could be a enlisted man all the way up to the top. Turkish/Ottoman empire ribbon bars. Ribbon bars with eastern peoples ribbons on them (trying to complete a display case) Any Austria/Hungry ribbon bars (trying to complete a display case) And really any ribbon bar/Feldspange that is unique or different from your run of the mill bars. If you have any of the fallowing items that you would like to sell. Please let me know. Thank you.


  9. I appreciate the feed back on this. Its really a bummer though as I was thinking it was attributed to Otto. I will defiantly be asking for advice in the future before buying another named bar. I'm a young collector and when I saw that it was "attributed" to him I thought I better jump on it. I bought a 13er from them before this one and it turned out it was not ID'd to the guy either. Thank you very much!
  10. Here is another picture of it. I know its not as good and clear as Helmut's photo. Here's the back side for you guys. And here are some up close shots divided. Maybe that will be more helpful.
  11. Here are both of the pieces of paper that came with the bar. Hopefully this helps a little. If you guys would like closes ups of the bar its self, I will be more than happy to take pictures and post them.
  12. Hello! This is my first post on here so excuse me if I don't do this right. I actually purchased this ribbon bar from them with the hopes of it being ID'd to him. when I googled his name, nothing shows up on him. I can take pictures of the paperwork that came with the set if anyone would like to see and I can take more pictures of the ribbon bar its self if you guys would like. Best regards Luke.
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