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  1. If you are still looking for the ribbon, you could try this http://hyrsky.fi/vapaussodan_mr_ja_mm.html nro 191 on that page.
  2. This is the "Panssarijääkäriristi" or the Cross of Armoured Jaegers. This badge of merit is awarded to personel and conscripts of the Armoured Jaeger units for good service. Number 27 is releted to the 27th Royal Prussian Jeager Battalion. This Imperial German unit trained Finns during the First World War before Finland's independency. These Finns, usually refered as "Jääkäri" Jaeger returned to Finland and took part in the Finnish War of Liberty Winter-Spring 1918. They were important part of White side of the war serving mostly as junior officers (the other side were Reds, they lost...)
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