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  1. Taking a break from the Sea front. Here are a few photo's from the French perspective. French alpine soldiers from the 157th RIA (Regiment d'Infanterie Alpin) in a trench near in front of Bois de Mort Mare near Fleury June 7th 1915. Machine gun team of the 287th RI posing with their M1914 Hotchkiss, Aisne 1915 Photo from the same album. Hi there, Indeed thats a lot more accurate
  2. Good day, Great photograph! The German marine trenches look a lot more hospitable indeed! Al tough the seafront was known as a quiet sector, this wasn't quite true. The seafront would see daily bombings mostly from the German side to the French, as they were far superior with their large arrangement of artillery, trench mortars and even coastal artillery with calibers up to 380mm! It was also a little tense for the Germans in this sector, as they were afraid of a possible invasion from the sea by the British and thus were always on their guard. The sector was used as test
  3. Hello there, New guy here! I've always been interested in the coastal sectors of the western front and have collected quite a few photo's relating to the German Matrosen Divisions. Thought I might share some of my collection, so here ya go! A rather interesting photo giving us a look at the trenches of the German "See Kessel Stellung" with two Matrosen posing for the photo. One of them is wearing a Red Cross armband. If you look close enough you can spot a few more sailors wandering around. To the left was "No Man's Land" and just behind the dunes on the left, would be the North-Sea.
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