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  1. Thanks for the interesting replies! Much obliged! Alas no bigger scan possible, this a huge enlargement from a small group photo. One more question: is that a Vuurkoord that the Adjudant is wearing? And how do I recognise a Sergeant? His uniform looks no different from the recruits....
  2. Good evening everybody, Could somebody help identify around what year this photo could be taken? Could it be 1928? The soldier on the right has two stripes on his sleeve, what is that? The soldier on the left, could this be the company sergeant major? He has a large ribbon bar but has something on his sleeve that I don't recognise. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Good day, Could someone explain me what those white stripes on the middle of the boads mean? Are they just there to hide the regimental number? Thanks in advance.
  4. Good evening, These two awards - I enlarged them as much as I could before becoming to blurry - come from a WWII-soldier's uniform. No other awards on the uniform. Could they be a EK.II and a KVK II. m. Schwerter from 1914? The lack of other awards would indicate a late war volunteer? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. Can anyone tell me about Waffenfarbe, Kompanie-Knopf and so on? I can't recognise anything. Thanks in advance!
  6. He was a cavalry officer - anybody have more details? His last name is quite rare. Timespan is late 19th century.
  7. He is wearing the overcoat with two lines of buttons: his going out coat?
  8. I think this must be the EK II 1914 (ribbon and award) plus two other KVK awards? The shoulder boards: a Hauptmann, but what is the sign? At first I thought it was "A" for Aufklärung but it doesn't look like it.
  9. Hi Jef, Some very good comments, thanks for your expertise. I enlarged the buttons, it seems to be some kind of navy motive? Does this reveal anything more?
  10. All I know is that this comes from a 19th century German portrait, who can identify it?
  11. I have this photo of a POW wearing this jacket but it seems rather "un-Belgian"?
  12. Hi Bob, Thanks for your reply, please excuse my late answer. You raised an interesting point with the colour of the Kokarde, I tried scanning another cap just to see if you can make out anything that would narrow it down to Bavaria. I also uploaded a second picture of a cap because I'm fairly certain that one does show a Bavarian cap. What do you think?
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