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  1. Thanks Ian. Bayern, the lagerkappe does not have any numbers on the side sadly. I put it on the tunic for effect as they are not a pair that came together. the cap is made of the nettle material and in strong sunlight has a very yellow/green tint. The inside is nicely lined and it has an oilskin sweatband. The pictures are not so good so don't really do it justice. I will post some clearer ones. The karlsbluse has the Himmel-blau stripe making it either IR 3,4 Austrian or IR 19,32 Hungarian. No markers to suggest which it is but it came from Austria so my guess leans to 3rd or
  2. Good Evening, if I may contribute my modest field cap collection of one ! Officers cap for IR 7. regards Tony I also have one tunic to add, regards Tony
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