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  1. Hi all, currently trying to trace down a WW1 BWM that was awarded to a great great uncle of mine, 18504 Pte S White, York and Lanc Regiment! I have seen that this medal was sold at the Sheffield Auction Gallery in March 2016 and remain hopeful that one day I will be reunited with it! If anyone has any information or knows of this medal and/or Pte White can they please let me know! thanks all, kyle
  2. I am trying to track down WW1 medals of my great great uncle. I am aware his BWM was sold at auction in March 2016 through the Sheffield Auction Gallery. I would like to provide the details of my great uncle who’s WW1 medals I am trying to trace. 18504 Pte S White, 6th Battalion York and Lancaster Regt. If you have a look at the Sheffield star there has been an article put in about this! If there is anything else you need please let me know, Kind Regards, Kyle
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