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  1. Hello you both, thank you very much for your answers! No, I sadly didn't know when he received both medals. Thank you very much for the additional informations. Do you have his birth year to? 😊😊😊
  2. Ohh that's cool. Now I need to find a small airplane (not for me but for the badge 🤭)
  3. OH OK. I don't collect those. I always thought that these were modern day Russian at George crosses
  4. Hollo. No, the modern version has the Russian eagle on it
  5. Thank you both for your kind words. Yes this is a quite nice badge. Thank you JapanX for the additional informations. It's quite interesting I think it would be impossible to find those chains and the airplane to make the badge whole again 😊
  6. Today I got this from my uncles "parts box" To bad the small aeroplane and the chains are missing
  7. Супер. Спасибо большое! Так что это тип 3 вариант 2
  8. Hello all, got this badge from my uncle. It's nothing like the other badge I got. It has a serial (?) number on it. Ist this an old one?
  9. A named medal bar from my uncles collection. It's pretty cool that this guy got the iron cross and the Austrian medal pretty close together
  10. Thank you for your answer. Yes he's. Overall very unsure about this bar.
  11. My uncle gave me this small ribbon bar a couple minutes ago. What do you think about this combination? He's unsure.
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